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Thank you for All Roads Lead Here. That EP changed my life. I'm buying a seven string soon to try and learn Möbius (Part III). Trying to learn the solos has made me a better guitar player, and that EP has influenced my songwriting in a way very few other ALBUMS much less Eps have. Thank you so much.
Greetings Alex, I recently put in a name change request. Hoping you could please expedite it?..thank you!!
are you selling a Navigator Explorer?
No, I'm not... Did you get a message saying I was?
Acapulco Gold
Yes, I made a WTB Explorer post here and some guy who just joined the forum gave me an email address, saying this person has an explorer to sell and that he is a member of this forum 'saminator' and that he has good ratings, etc. When it got time to pay they gave me a suspicious email that turned out to be fraud. The pictures themselves were copy and pasted from the Hamer Forum.
That's really strange. Someone else said they were told I was selling a baritone SG (I'm not, fwiw).
Haha buddy i've been following the puma/rusti thread and got to the part where you posted your paper. I clicked your name and god damn you're prolific! Always enjoy the threads your in man. you on Instagram? I'm hardly here but pop in every now and then