FS Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 Distagon T ZE (Canon) etc.

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    These are the last remnants of my camera gear setup. Feel free to make offers. I have them listed locally but no one's biting so I thought I'd throw them up on here.

    All prices in Canadian dollars. Shipping TBD as needed.

    Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 Distagon T ZE for Canon.
    Condition 9/10 - there's dust that's kind of embedded inside the lens hood material. Glass is pristine and the focus functionality is smooth and perfect. Amazing lens. In fact, it's my favourite lens I've ever used. Amazing for landscapes which I exploited over a few trips in years past. I only am missing the OEM box. I have all the paperwork though.
    IMG_7342.JPG IMG_7339.JPG IMG_7340.JPG

    Canon BG-E13 for Canon 6D battery grip.
    Condition 9/10 - I have everything including the original receipt, box, manuals, warranty cards etc.

    Canon RS-80N3 Shutter Release
    Condition 10/10 - All those Amazon MIC ones didn't seem to work with my 6D so I caved and bought the OEM one. Works perfectly. No original packaging because it was clamshell and no documentation.

    Manfrotto 290 Tripod with 496RC2 Ball Head
    Condition 10/10 - Same as the battery grip. I have the box and everything it originally left the factory with.

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