Sub-Zero Generation Line 8 String Guitars. A Tale of Lust & Sod..wait.....I Review

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Nov 18, 2009
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Turlock, Ca
Midgets. Midgets gettin on like a mini T rex with a fart affinity.

That doesnt have shit to do with anything other than it's simply a show stopping opening. Literally ..theyll stop the whole show and accuse you of being an intolerant bastard because. Well.. "Little people". Is the zee zim zum zir of the sub 4 foot milieu. My mother is 4'11 (Non-Asian) I have my white stick figure rollerchair guy on blue laminate proverbial placard to open the review with such strength. Being a 6 foot tall person standing a brawny 5 foot 8 and one half inch (non-Asian, tho Asians preferred) myself and my fiance at a staggering 4'10 (Christ ..SO Asian) hall pass is permanent without denying your itty bitty humanatitty. Er..humanit HEY....Generation Pro 8 strings right? HAHAHAHA! my brother just bit his tongue. What a fatty . the food wasn't enough? Enjoy that NOW copper infused honky goulash. Fat bas...Generation Pro 8s. A few quick notes on those.

(Feature Presentation)....

Fuck ....theyre great. My next signed band I'm starting in 30 days.. Well.. 31 after I get out of he-rab.. Dammit. I hate gettin my turds wisted.. BAH !! Words.. Twisted.. When I get out of rehab..(actual fact) I will start my NEXT signed band.. And this one will stay together awhile this time..and I will shoot for an endorsement thru Gear4Music in the UK on these Generation Pro guitars. I bought a standard black one..and a multi scale..with the red one currently on order. And I'll say a former professional.. And a DIY builder.. And a seller/reseller.. And an addict.. (ZIIINNNGG) OF MUSIC..:) amongst. Other horrific manias Freud wouldnt balk at, I've sold and converted literally 100s of extended scale guitars..and players and there are MAYBE a handful of guitars I can remember taking right out of the box and the flimsy went full mahogany. Like, hide it in the elastic waistline cuz you gotta stand up for flag salute in class style lumber. Fellas can I get WHAT WHAT?!! WUS YER FAVORITE KINDA CHEESE??? HOOCHIES!! but I digress. Right out of the box.. Sub Zero Generation guitars ABSOLUTELY RULE over ALL budget 8s as well as 99% of it's fiscal superiors. And this is 2 in a row about to be 3 which is no longer kismet, coincidence etc...this is now a pattern of perfect setup..quality craftsmanship, no frills handiwork that add up to what you'd think it wouldn't. Scooch them rosie cheeks over Rondo (no offense Kurt) but theres now a Siamese twin attached to thy hip in the under $499 "yet good enough to be caught on the professional circuit" tier of 8 string. Heres some bullet points that might slap your indecisive nature in the dick and get it movin along ..

- the unbranded pickups these guitars wield are UNEXPECTEDLY brootz. HEAVY in the midrange. Which is suited specifically for?.....anybody?.. That's right.. Marsupials. The answer is Marrr..WAIT! 8 STRING GUITARS. Yeah. Dee-ROP tuned 8 string guitars

- the finish and fretwork are DANK AF

- the neck is SUPER fast.

- the body has textural signatures specific to Sub Zero guitars that are really.. Pretty ill .. Like the fact it has that Ibanez S series contour approaching the surface yet retains the blocky RG flatness right at the precipice ..making the body indeed contoured and modern...yet topography remains flat .. Nice work guys. We appreciate that sexy extra step in woodwork as we know routing is a precision practice.

- I want to say 28" scale. Possibly 27". But I think 28" and it feels like 28" if not. AND the strings they send it with. Are not like uncle Bubba. Dull.. Vapid..insipid. Philistine drunkard still stuck in nam'. "MUD & BLOOD BUD!! WHEEEEWWWW!" (Slams a keystone ice).

- overall playability, tone and workmanship ..right out of the box. Left literally NOTHING to be desired. Sans..the sid effects of my "yella feva" always leaving a very specific desire.. Which is of course.

More cowbell.

Pros: specifically. The generation pro 8. Everything possible.. From bridge and nut..(takes me back to prom.. ) to neck and gut.

Cons: seriously. None. This stands up there with the BC Rich Villain Escape 8 and Shredzilla .. The Chapman ML8 .. The Agile Interceptor Pro. The Kiesel..well..all 8s they make.. The ESP EC 8s..And the Solar 8s in my mind for jaw on floor for many reasons axes out of box. only difference is. Other than the BC Rich guitars. .i expected it. Here. Absolutely not. Instant lifer. I will own every release going forward. No doubt about it.

Thanks for reading my verbose tongue in cheek We laughed. We cried. We slapped each others mammys and their ball headed grannies..

West BanXXX ..over & out.