String action on low tuned baritone

Discussion in 'Extended Range Guitars' started by bigshredder, Feb 16, 2015.

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    Hi fellow shredders. I play an baritone esp guitar that is a 27"scale. I downtune it to drop G. I have an bareknuckle aftermath in the bridge and use d'addario 68 baritone stringset. I have been playing this beast for years now and as I have progressed in playing the guitar has started feeling more and more hard to play. I Have such high string tension that it is insane. I have been to a "plekning" two years ago. A machine that measures and adjust all the bands and such. And I did it so that I could get rid of the string buzz and false intonation. But they hardly lowered the bridge at all. The guitar sounds so heavy and brutal. Clear and with tons of bottom. It's hard to dail in a tone that can control the guitar and all the lows and such, but since I have been playing it for a lot of years I have gotten pretty good at dialing in brutal and good balanceed tones for this guitar. But the high string tension is slowing down my playing and progression. The hammer downs on the lower strings is an unbelievable hard thing to do, lol. Anyone out there playing an baritone or an guitar with long scale that uses thick strings and is able to do so with low string action? Should I but a 7-string and ditch my old axe or go back to the intonation workshop to try to get them to lower the action and intonate it again?
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    If you ask a luthier, they'll tell you that all electric guitars no matter what the gauge or scale, are subject to the same setup "rules" more or less. In a nutshell: straight fingerboard with a slight relief and a low E string height from the 12th fret(wire) of 3/32 inches and high e of 2/32, also your nut should be on top condition ( whatever that may include). Now typically anybody could setup their own instruments. All it takes is a search on setup from various sources, cross examination of everybody's take on the subject and/or each ones "tips and tricks" and of course practice-and-observe.

    On two of my guitars for example, I keep those exact setup "specs". One is a 25.5 dropC with a 12-60 set and a 28 5/8 dropA# with a 13-65 set.

    Also note that high action introduces serious intonation issues along with playability issues. Lower action typically allows faster and more articulate playing.
    Before I forget, 27" tuned to G with a .68 string might not be sufficient. If you try a 30" it may sound and feel better

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