Shred Neck FULL SCALE travel guitar, black flame, hot rodded w/bag shredneck 22 fret


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Nov 12, 2013
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South Carolina - Upstate
Had this for a few years, almost a complete hot rod job


This is an excellent guitar. I have traveled with it for several years. I upgraded it to: black Wilkinson Ez-lock - locking tuners, black tune-o-matic roller bridge, Crunchy PAT hot rod humbuckers with push/pull coil tap on tone knob, 500k pots with Kwik plug pickup system. I plays great and sounds great through an amp. Why am I selling it? Well, the body is larger than any of the other THREE travel guitars I have. While that makes for better sustain and more acoustic unplugged volume, the unplugged sound is intrusive when I am jamming in airports, lobbies, etc.. that I sometimes use for practice. The small body ones sometimes don’t have the sustain, but you can’t hear them unplugged, which is often what I need.

I already donated one of them to guitars for vets, this one I need to sell.

I paid $249 for it new, then I dropped $100 in upgrades into it. These guitars, IMO, are a much better deal and much more versatile, than most of the other travel guitars out there. The neck pickup can do that fat singing LP tone. With a 10k neck and 14k bridge, output is never a problem, but it'll do the 'clean thing' too. With the kwik plug system, it's super easy to drop another set of GFS pickups in there, no soldering. Plus, it's got a coil split on the tone knob.

Comes with the super nice travel bag, strap, some custom picks, and an extra set of strings. It has never failed to fit in the overhead bin, on top of other small bags. It's super easy to take with you in a car or plane, as the bag has backpack straps and is quite light to carry by the handle too.

Guitar Specs:

· Guitar Size: Full Scale 24.75"
· Scale Length: 24.75" (24 3/4") : 628mm
· Fingerboard: Eco-Board STMP
· Number of Frets: 22
· Neck Material: Maple
· Body: Nato/Flamed Maple Top
· Body Scale on Treble Horn
· Crown Inlays
· Humbucker/Humbucker P/U Configuration (upgraded
· Master Tone (with coil split), Master Volume, 3 way Selector
· Tune-0-Matic Bridge
· Guitar Length 36"x 11.5” x 1.75”

· Guitar Length 914mm x 292mm x44mm

· Guitar Weight: 6.41bs (2.902kg)
· Gig Bag Length 37”• x 12" x 3.5"
· Gig Bag Length 940mm x 305mm x 89mm
· Gig Bag Weight: .74 lbs (0.3401 kg)
· Combined Weight: 7.15 lbs (3.175kg)

Bag Specifications:

· two extra pouches
· padded bag with Handle
· adjustable backpack style over-the-shoulder straps on back