Post Black Friday deals on plugins/software here

Discussion in 'Beginners/FAQ' started by Flappydoodle, Nov 23, 2018.

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    Feb 26, 2018
    I'm sure we're all being inundated with emails from various companies with offers.

    Best ones I've seen so far:

    Neural DSP Fortin Nameless and Darkglass both have €30 knocked off. They're both great. Worth trying the demos and deciding whether to buy before the deal expires.

    25% off FabFilter stuff. Really good plugins, and a straightforward deal with no tricks.

    Celestion IRs - on Monday, 30% off everything. Those are really great impulses. They're doing different % discounts on different days. Stupid.

    Plugin-alliance has Brainworx ENGL 646 VS at $39 right now. They've been doing Black Friday "month" whatever the fuck that is. Usual price of this plugin is $149 (though they're always on sale actually. I bought Megadual last year for $10 when it is allegedly $149 also). You'd be stupid or desperate to ever buy from this site at full price.

    Kazrog has a straight up 40% off their mixing plugins. Never used them, but I guess we all know and love Thermionik.

    GetGood drums has 30% off everything. They do that pretty routinely. They also, I think, broke their promise never to undercut their introductory deal for upgrading customers. Never mind.

    Positive Grid spammed the shit out of me. I'll never buy from them again anyway.
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    Mercuriall is having a big sale.....everything at least 50% off or more....ReAxis is only $45, Spark is half off at $60 and all the rest are cheap as fuck. These are seriously the best plugins on the market along with the Fortin stuff...and not for nothing but one track of Merc and one track of Nameless sounds HUGE.

    iZotope is killing it with deals, just look around they're huge.

    Toontrack is doing mega sales too....but keep in mind they won't undercut their dealers, so if you're looking for a single product from them it'll be cheaper at Sweetwater.....EZDrummer 2 is something like $89 over there.
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    Dec 14, 2015
    Line6 software is 30% off with code CYBER30 in checkout.
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