Peavey valve king 100 Amp head

woochyna Regular
Nov 24, 2008
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Belgrade, Serbia
I got some pretty nice metal sound out of a Valveking. Used a patch cable in the fx loop and an SD-1 for boost. Gain 1, set to around 4-5 to cut better through the band and it was enough for death and black metal that I usually play.

melomanic Regular
Dec 4, 2011
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Jacksonville, FL
On the amp, make sure you're running into input 1 instead of input 2.
On the lead channel of the amp, put everything at noon with the volume boost and gain boost both enabled.

The higher past noon you go with the gain, the mushier the sound gets on the VK, which is definitely annoying because at noon the amp has decent characteristics.
The trick with bridging the effects loop definitely helps to tighten up the amp a bit, but you need to get a little creative when dialing in an overdrive pedal.
The gain boost in the circuit is already overdriving and it just needs more of a bump to mid-high end.

On the tube screamer, put the tone all the way up and the level at noon and the overdrive all the way down.
I know this sounds wrong but yes: tone all the way up and level at noon on the tube screamer.
If the mid-high end bump is too harsh to your ears, slowly start backing off the tone on the tube screamer a tiny bit at a time until it sounds alright.
After messing with these things, if the sound still seems too flubby or overly-saturated, try turning down the texture knob on the back of the amp to about 3/4 of the way up (3 o'clock or so), or backing off the gain on the lead channel a little bit at a time until it sounds better. Compare the boosted sound with the effects loop bridged and unbridged to see which you like more. Eventually you'll find something passable.

Adieu Regular
Jan 8, 2010
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Yeah I know but on a budget going to get a new one

Never buy a NEW cab.

Just get something used: plywood with V30s or other good metal speakers (K85/K100, g12-65, g12-80, CL-80, MC-90, even just T75's)

Hell even pre-V30 Peavey 6505 cabs, if cheap enough (like <150) would be OK

Used to be you could get great deals on old Carvin cabs ($150-200ish), not sure what the situation now is.

Gmork Regular
Apr 3, 2014
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B.C. Canada
I owned a vk head and kind of hated it with both my mesa v30 2x12 and beloved randall 2x12 + 1x15.
Its just not a great amp imo, didn't like it with pedals either. It had a really weird hollowness to its mids. Very hard to explain
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Dec 8, 2008
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Northeast Ohio
Some old Crate cabs are actually good. I have an old plywood carpeted one from a garage we were cleaning out. Unfortunately we didn't get back in time to get the back for it, so i need to have someone cut that and get a side handle too. But it had the same Celestions my old Traynor cab had. Modern Lead 70's. They're better than 70/80's, nothing special but neutral and nothing you can't dial out of them. If it's plywood and not partical board, just replace a couple speakers at a time.