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Mar 31, 2009
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Burlington, ON
Looking to collab with someone online combining influences from stuff like sludge metal, hardcore, math rock, prog, fusion, death metal and noise rock. I'm no songwriting expert but my favourite stuff I've written tends to come from working with unusual rhythms, chord progressions, moods, etc. while keeping things catchy and groove-oriented.

I mainly play a 7 and 8-string guitar but I also do the full-band thing writing lyrics and recording harsh vocals, bass guitar, and programming drums. Been also playing a cheap e-drum kit lately to generate ideas. I mostly record DI and use amp sims and Superior Drummer for my recordings. Love pedals too.

If our interests and goals overlap, please reach out! Mainly looking for one person to work with but I'm open to recruiting for a full band to collab remotely.

If you want to hear some demos I have some tracks out at, but those are only the songs I've finished and released. In the past couple years I've been working toward a heavier, more organic and vocal-oriented sound and at this point have a ton of demos. Would love to hear what you've created!

Some all-time faves: Intronaut - Meshuggah - Cloudkicker - Thou - Animals as Leaders - The Gorge - Exivious - Expander - The Contortionist

CheckYourTuning Regular
Nov 21, 2022
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Hey bro, I checked out some of your songs on YT and they’re really good. While my influences are the same as you listed, the way they influence my sound is quite different but still similar to your sound in ways. I’d be down to send some of my demos and talk about collaborations?

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