Notched straight edge for a bass

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    Hey all. Been looking for one of the above however down here in Aus they are ridiculously priced - around AUD$100 whereas the same thing to buy in the US would only be around USD$20. A hideous markup that I don't want to pay. Beginning to wonder if it wouldn't be easier to try to make my own although I have the craftsmanship skills of an ox.

    What did people do before these things came into being? Just line it all up by eye alone?
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    Get an aluminum straight edge as long as the neck and at least 3mm thick, mark the frets positions on the larger side, file those marks down wide and deep enough to bypass the frets, leave the contact surface untouched. It can look rough, but does the job. Leave the side surface untouched besides the filed down area. Done.

    One straight edge can have 2 different scale lengths.

    So DIY for the win! you'll spend 1/2 hour doing the notches and about 5$ tops for the straight edge. Take things slowly and do it with patience, if you mess once, you can do it again until everything works. You have 4 attempts to go before starting to loose money over the US notched rulers...

    It may happen that when done you'll find some frets won't fit the notched space. Don't worry, file it again and adjust the slot. They don't have to be all equal, they just have to overpass the frets and make sure that all dents are leveled. So keep your focus on the notches/slots, leave what is not to be filed down untouched.

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