NGD: Schecter Hellraiser C-VI 30 inch baritone


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Aug 3, 2007
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Hey all,

Got the Schecter C-VI Baritone recently. I have been intrigued by this guitar since it was released. I mean a 30 inch scale baritone with modern features, what's not to like right? Well, I can see why esthetically it's not everybody's cup of tea but on the flip side it does give the guitar a classy look. It doesn't look cheap and it's a look that I'm just accustomed to when it comes to the Schecter Hellraiser.

The guitar came with very thick strings tuned to E standard (one octave below standard E). I didn't want that tuning. I bought this guitar to tune it a bit lower than my other 6 and 7-string baritones. I usually tune those to Bb or drop Ab. This one was going to be tuned to drop-F#.

So I put some Elixirs on, adjusted the neck and BOOM, what a killer guitar! The 30 inch neck is a monster though haha, feels quite large! Overall the quality is just great, as you'd expect from a Schecter. At least, one of those "old school" hellraisers. Some of the more recent models haven't been perfect QC wise. I'm getting an E1 Apocalypse Red Reign soon, I hope the built quality will be just as good as this one.

Here's a review and demo video with clips and specs:

And here are some pics: