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Nov 29, 2010
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You guys know what these are. I stumbled into @Eric 's thread a while back and it completely reignited my seller's remorse over my first JCRG7-1. Around a week later one popped up on Mercari Japan for a steal and I went for it. This particular violin is vintage 2001.

Pictures first:

IMG_20230316_173811.jpg IMG_20230316_173802.jpg


IMG_20230316_174446.jpg IMG_20230316_174409.jpg


IMG_20230316_174705.jpg IMG_20230316_174743.jpg

This guitar was well cared for and that's always a nice thing to see. Light signs of use but nothing that looks like negligence or whatever, just casual play from 20+ years of kicking about in Japan. Bone stock when it arrived, things I did:

- Jescar 57110-S refret
- Swapped in an Elysian Javelin (ceramic) and Trident II / Hellfire Hybrid set with roasted maple bobbins
- Full rewire w/ new pots, switch, jack, etc.
- Rosewood knobs, ivoroid switch and tuners

Absolutely monstrous tones and effortless to play. I really believe these hold up with 90s Universes as the best of the best of Ibanez 7s. The pickups @ElysianGuitars whipped up are outstanding and split so nicely. Special thanks to Adam for making them and being patient with my indecisive requests! The Hellfire Hybrid is voiced like a Trident II's pissed off older brother and crushes appropriately. The Javelin remains my favorite neck passive, single coil or humbucker. Beautiful cleans, leads and otherworldly split tones. Everything else is exactly what you expect from one of these models. Lo-Pro, Gotoh hardware, the works.

Fully rewired and refret with stainless because I can. I don't think I can't not modify my guitars, anymore. Looking at it now I think I'd prefer rosewood tuning pegs instead of ivoroid, but that can wait.

This is the nicest top on an Ibanez I've personally seen first hand and I'm rather pleased with that aspect - in contrast my original JCRG7 had very 'meh' figuring. These seem to be really all over the place when it comes to top selection.

Great guitar, won't sell again. I love my ESPs but 90s / early 00s MiJ Ibanez still scratches that itch just right, sometimes.


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Feb 15, 2009
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Why doesn't she ever veto any of the ones I want?!

Ha, dude, I don't get the ones you want. Remember that Marty Kelly? The red quilt H3? The ESP CS korina explorer? Ughh, regrets.

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Jun 13, 2013
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Ha, dude, I don't get the ones you want. Remember that Marty Kelly? The red quilt H3? The ESP CS korina explorer? Ughh, regrets.
Don't remind me about that H3!
We need to work out a better system!
But for the record, one day I would like to own a Concorde horizon with blank fretboard and intact binding :)

Sorry for sidetracking your thread OP!

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