NGD: ESP LTD Phoenix Arctic Metal

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Aug 3, 2007
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Since ESP came out with the recent LTD Phoenix models I was a fan! I don't know why exactly but I was just really drawn by the body shape and other features like the ebony board, the 25.5 inch scale, the neck-thru design and various things like the cool finish options. The single pickup models especially were really appealing to me. Riff monsters basically!

So I got the vintage white on first because it was the most all-round model of the bunch. It's a really good guitar (made in Indonesia). Then I got the Black Metal model with the Fishman Fluence Modern, really nice guitar (also made in Indonesia). Plays so fast and sounds great too. And last week I got the Arctic Metal one, the 2021 model with the stainless steel frets. This one is made in Korea and holy crap it's such a cool guitar!

It looks amazing, plays amazing, sounds amazing! Just the perfect guitar for me basically... The EMG81TW is pretty neat. Since there is only one pickup it's nice to have a coil split option in there. I also sold some guitars and got the red Deluxe 1000 one with the dual Fishmans, that one is cool too (Indo, 2021 SS frets etc.) but I'll do a post on that one when I've spent more time with it.

Anyway, I can keep on talking but I also did a review/demo video in which I demo this guitar and talk about it etc. Check it out:


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