NGD ESP LTD EC-1008 Evertune (8-String)

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    Overview: So I've been curious about the Evertune system for a while and I finally made the purchase and here we are.

    Specs (courtesy of musician friend):

    • Body shape: Single cutaway
    • Body type: Solid body
    • Body material: Solid wood
    • Top wood: Maple
    • Body wood: Mahogany
    • Body finish: Gloss
    • Orientation: Right handed
    • Neck shape: Thin U
    • Neck wood: 3-piece Mahogany
    • Joint: Set-through
    • Scale length: 26.5 in.
    • Truss rod: Yes
    • Neck finish: Gloss
    • Material: Macassar Ebony
    • Radius: 19.69 in.
    • Fret size: Extra-jumbo
    • Number of frets: 24
    • Inlays: Pearl block
    • Nut width: 2.12 in. (54 mm) Molded
    • Configuration: HH
    • Neck: 60-8H
    • Middle:
    • Bridge: 81-8H
    • Brand: EMG
    • Active or passive pickups: Active
    • Series or parallel: Parallel
    • Piezo: No
    • Active EQ: No
    • Special electronics: None
    • Control layout: Volume 1, volume 2, master tone
    • Pickup switch: 3-way
    • Coil tap or split:
    • Kill switch: No
    • Bridge type: Fixed
    • Bridge design: Evertune (F model)
    • Tailpiece: String thru body
    • Tuning machines: Grover
    • Color: Black
    Personal Setup:

    Tuning (low to high)
    ADGCEADG (A Standard + 2 high strings, A1-G4)

    Pick: V-Pick Insanity (11.85mm)

    Gauges (w/ approximate tension):
    .010 (24.74)
    .013 (23.47)
    .019w (24.44)
    .025 (23.23)
    .032 (24.07)
    .044 (24.56)
    .058 (24.29)
    .078 (24.11)

    To answer some pressing questions. The largest string gauge this accepts is a .078, I tried to use an .080 for the low A (what I usually use) but it didn't take. However, I believe it could fit a Kalium .079. I contacted Evertune regarding a pre-drilled saddle, but they don't do that process, bummer.

    As noted above I like my tension high, around 12.5-13s for E standard on 24.75 and 25.5. The hope was, as a heavy picker, that I wouldn't have to retune my guitar after playing for 10 minutes. I can tell you that Evertune keeps it in tune almost exact. I use a SR Turbo Tuner that is accurate within +/- .02 of a cent.

    There are some idiosyncrasies with the Evertune. One is that it tends to neutral out pitch shifting that happens when you hit the strings or have loose tension (for others). It makes rhythm playing very even, it sounds pretty clinical. One of the things to get used to is that, in my opinion, driving downpicking riffs don't have quit the same "drive velocity" as they do on regular guitars. Makes you realize that some "mistakes" add to character. For example, if you want to accent part of a triplet (hit really hard), the evertune will negate it. Now that I'm used to it, I appreciate it's consistency, but some people may not like it.

    Bends takes some time to get used to. Even at the closest to Zone 3, it takes slightly more bend distance to make a string go half step, full step, ect. than a regular guitar. There's kind of this neutral zone when you start bending before it starts to pitch up. Once it took a couple days to get the zone at the cusp of zone 3, it now bends like my regular guitars. If you do unorthodox bending, like pushing the string into the fret board for quarter tone ect, unless you have a scallop, the evertune won't pick it up.

    Chords are awesome, they sound even more in tune than the regular guitar, although I'm not sure how the tension can contribute to intonation on fretted chords.

    Tuning stability: I found that with the turbo tuner, the guitar went ever so slightly flat after a week. Although I doubt it would register on another tuner. The thing that needs more adjusting is the bend zone, because of how Zone 2 works, you may need to adjust it often. It's a problem more for lead players than pure rhythm. Also, because you can set the bend sensitivity, you may get OCD like myself trying to make sure all the bending capabilities feel the same across all the strings.

    ESP Stuff: The 20" radius is awesome, the fretwork (now that I set the action low) is tied with the best I've had for a non USA made guitar. The neck profile is a Flat U, it's about medium thickness thing 20.8mm- 22mm. Single cuts are comfortable and sexy, especially in ERG. 26.5" 8 strings feel great.

    Lastly: I'm very happy with my purchase. Going forward I'm going to get Evertune models on my future guitars (if the tuning allows it) since it does everything I want now I figured out how to set it up. The big downside is that you can't use larger strings since that's where this would probably shine. I'll guess I'll stick to my hardtail for my .092 F#.

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    Evertune says their saddles can be drilled to 3/32” which is 0.09375 or .094 if you round it. So you could probably throw that .092 in there if you want :D

    And great review. Thanks for the thorough write up
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    Man single cuts make good looking 8 strings.
  4. PBC

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    I'll see what I can do. The recommend a drill press, but I don't have one. I'll probably buy another saddle and try it that way.

    The string thru is designed is angled, so I'll attempt to drill from the 'ferrule' to the top piece.

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    Mar 23, 2015
    These are so sick!
  6. Dawn of the Shred

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    Great review.. Congrats and HNGD
  7. cardinal

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    Congrats! I really like these but have been unsure of the Evertune.
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    super cool!
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    Looks really good!
    Didn't know an 8 string single cut could look so good.

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