New Pups Dimarzio AN7 + EVO7 in RG7CT


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Jun 24, 2004
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Pompton Lakes, NJ
Hey everybody, I recently ordered a set up pickups from Eric (ecalcagnino) for my RG7CT. I got an Evolution 7 and Air Norton 7 in black/creme. Here is the end result...

The pups sound amazing. I would compare the AN7 to a less bassy Seymour Duncan '59. But don't let me sell it short. It's definately got tone, and a unique sound.

The evolution was a huge suprise. I love this pup in this mahogony guitar. It reminds me of an EMG707 (clarity and output). However, it has a more natural sounding tone. Hope you guy's enjoy.

Sound clip...

The setup is RG7CT into the Line 6 Guitar port. The guitar port is set up as a basic high gain amp, with a 4 x 12 amp housing Celestion V-30's mic'd with an SM57 on the cone.

First part of the mp3 is the AN7 in the neck, full hum.
Then an artificial harmonic with crazy tremolo, thats starts the EVO7 test.

There isn't any rythm recording, but the EVO7 kicks ass. Trust me.

Hope you enjoy!

I suggest if you guy's need Dimarzio pups, talk to Eric before blowing your cash elsewhere. He will hook you up with a nice deal. Thanks Eric!

Oh, in case you guys are interested, i also hooked up another baby of mine...
It's a dean. Came with cheap pups. Its a 79mlf. I threw in a SD '59, and Bill Lawrence L500XL. I also replaced the crappy trem with a Schaller.


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May 4, 2005
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Awesome looking RG7 ! What made you go with the EVO ?