New 7 Stringer wants to say "Hello"

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Noich, Jul 28, 2018.

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    Jul 26, 2018
    Porto-Vecchio (2A)/Nancy (54) - France
    Hello everyone !

    After being only a silent reader here, it's time to introduce myself !
    I'm Claude, from France. Guitarist for 14 years now.
    After touring a few years and in a few bands as a bass player, I went back behind the guitar thanks to a good friend of mine who offered me a place as guitarist in his new band.
    That was also the opportunity to switch from 6 to 7 strings the band required lower tunings.
    Since then, I'm a convinced 7 stringer ! :)

    For my 7's I like to use classic looking instruments.
    I mainly use a couple Epiphones, a Matt Heafy LP and a heavily modded Flying-V 7.
    I also have a E-II Jesse Liu, a couple Ltd's (SCT-607B and Viper 417) and two Squiers (Stagemaster 7 and Stratocaster VII).
    Except the Jesse Liu, all my 7's are fitted with EMGs.

    So here I am, happy to be a new member of the community ! :)
    Cheers !

    (please apologize any english mistake :p )

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