Need help with Pickups.


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Mar 19, 2015
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Well I play with my amp boosted so I guess the pegasus is back into my main choices now?

So then the main choices for me are:

Distortion vs Pegasus vs Blackouts (Dimebucker is another option I am considering)

So between the Distortion and Pegasus here is what I have gathered:

-Pegasus is an improvement on the JB I have for metal

-Pegasus is more versatile than the Distortion

-Distortion has a certain sound that is unique to it which can be either hated or loved

-Distortion is tighter than Pegasus for metal?

If anything that I have stated needs correction, please feel free to do so

I also notice that the Distortion has a ceramic magnet and the Pegasus has an alnico V. How will these two compare?
The magnet isn't as important as whether you like the voicing of a pickup. Mag swaps and bolt/screw swaps can change the sound a bit but they're not super drastic changes normally.
Also blackouts are horribly muddy ime. They're high output, don't clean up well and basically just suck.
I can't help with the dimebucker, I've never tried one.

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Mar 12, 2010
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If you're considering the Dimebucker it's a nice enough pickup and it is beefy for sure. High out put but quite clear enough in the guitar that I had it in. I loved the fact that the cleans went from pinking trebly noises that you hear on most bridge pickups to fatter, fuller and more 3D. I had actually replaced a JB with it in a Jackson DK2M. But that was quite a bright/middy sounding guitar with one hum and only a volume pot so the pickup balanced it out great. I also had it tuned at E flat so not too low. Pinch harmonics were effortless but my only complain would be that there was like a fuzz element to the sound.
If your Jackson is more neutral sounding it might make it too bass heavy and if you tune down a lot you might find it overbearing on the low/low-mid frequencies. From what I've seen some people find it too hot and since it does have bit of a mid scooped EQ curve it doesn't work on all guitars.

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Apr 21, 2009
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I think the Distortion would provide what you're looking for. Find one used, slap it in, sell it for the same price if you don't like it and try one of the other suggestions. I saw some others suggest the Suhr Aldrich, and that's another great option.

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