Multisampled Drums in an iPad App?

Discussion in 'Drums & Percussion' started by lava, Jun 28, 2019.

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    Excuse my ignorance here, I am brand new to e-drums and have also never owned an iPad in my life...

    So I just got a DrumKAT 4.5 Turbo and am really loving playing it with some multisampled VSTis in my laptop, amazing response!

    But now I need a multisampled kit for when the DrumKAT is in the living room, that the kids can just turn on and play with. I've researched modules, and it appears there's really nothing multisampled that's less than $500, unless I'm missing something. I only need a handful of kits and basically zero tweakability. Just want something that's not going to machine gun on snare rolls.

    Now I'm wondering if it's possible that an old iPad and a multisampled drum app might be a cheaper way to go? A cursory look on Sweetwater tells me the usual apps (EZD, SD, SSD, etc) are not available for iPad though? Maybe there isn't anything?

    I already own an Android tablet - is it possible that somebody has developed a VST wrapper that I could throw some of my current plugins into? (not holding my breath on that one though)

    Thanks for any help!
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    Dude I used the auto drummer in garage band (like Anders)
    then I either copy and paste parts of the automated jams he comes up with
    or I try to find something similar EZ drummer 2 (I have metal heads and Drumit from hell)
    if you know how to make drums from scratch please help me out as well, I don't makethem well at all

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