Mesa Boogie has gone to well Read


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May 4, 2006
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Auburn, Washington
Additionally, there has been no mention of what is in the chain prior to the amp. Do you plug the guitar straight in, or do you have some pedals in front. Is the guitar housed with passive or active pickups? If using pedals, what pedals and what are their settings. The direction that I am heading in the topic of pre gain structure. I’m curious if the front end of the amp is getting overloaded.

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Jan 5, 2023
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Thanks for the input @TedEH
Not maxed out but 10 of the clock as in the left of noon/middle of the dial. As in less than 50% perhaps 35-40% main output volume. The volume level on channel 3 is at 9 o’clock. My god man that level would be insanity! (Insert crazy emoji) I would love that volume but in my home studio my ears would bleed and in a real world I think tubes might burn out rather quickly.

All values are O’clock not 1-10 0r 1-12. 7:30 would be 0 and I believe that 5:30 or 6:00 would be max. So those settings I have volume at would be 4 or 5 on a fender type amp for main output volume and the channel 3 volume would be 2 or 3. (Depending on a 1-10 or 1-12 dial)

Power is good, no pc’s in the room. No rf, my other amps and equipment (especially my microphones) would be picking it up too or having issues as well.
I do live in a country club. The power here is clean. We had a problem neighbor wide after covid lockdown and when the lockdown lifted AEP ran new cables to our homes and upgraded the entire area. The upgrade was completed Jan 2022.

Where I live, its founding was built in the early- late 80’s. My home was built mid 90’s. So no aluminum to copper wiring. That’s usually the culprit on people receiving am radio, interference or power surges in home electronics. Not to mention the fact that that type of wiring could cause a fire. Or just bad cables.

Thanks for the input
this happens with and without the loop. Guitar plugged straight in or through tuner and overdrive pedals (i don’t boost the mark anyways). Only change is when the boogie is hard bypassed fx loop. With the bypassed loop the channel changing is slightly lower. Hum and hiss in channel 3 stays the same (it’s now doing that his/hum on all channels today).

It does get louder with fx loop active and doesn’t change if pedals are put in the loop. This is loop active and nothing plugged into the send return atm and guitar straight in also. This will remain this way until all is figured out with mesa support.

To be clear. During this phase only the guitar to amp and speaker cab until problem is found.

Guitars are all passive with Seymour Duncan Pegasus sentient set on 3 guitars and a jazz custom on 1 guitar. The jazz custom is much brighter of course. But the problems are the same.

I have more cables than one should have, and I have multiple of every kind. Well, I don't have any fiber optic cables. I also have a cable testers, multimeters, etc. I do test all cables and power first thing. I am not so physically capable but my 21 yo son is and I am right there with him as he goes through every step of testing.

Regardless of the testing; if one piece of equipment is having an issue and all others are not. Usually the one having the problem is contained within that device alone. I haven’t experienced a situation where as one equipment was having a problem and all others were broken or faulty. Then to replace all the others and the problem piece starts working normally. My experience has been the opposite. Replace the problem piece and alls well. Ymmv

^ I said the above not to any one person (except my old boss).

I actually had a boss that made us replace every server in a new build data center. We were having a problem with one server, a new one that was outrageously over priced. He bought that thing and never consulted the IT department (or head of {me}) and from day one we had problems with it. He had us replace every other server and even a few of our newish Cisco routers. Long story not short.. we ended up replacing the one he got a few months later. So I have been through that scenario once.

I had a mark iv in my home from 2004?(ish)-2009. It wasn’t mine but I played it almost daily and gigged with it. Besides failing power tubes and replacing the preamp tubes for the cause, I didn’t have any problems with it. That thing took some abuse. Biggest was a 4x4 trip on a beach in my local area for a beach gig we did. That was awesome. Good times… story for another time (including how I had to clean the amp after that… sea air, sand, etc.)

**There is a “magic” formula called real magic. Not reel magic! That stuff was sold in most outdoor stores like academy, cabelas , or local fishing shops. It was great for fishing reels and boat electronics. Instead of rinsing your reels off, spray it down with this stuff. Water can both clean and cause harm to reels. This stuff got all salinity, sand etc off the reels without water damaging the insides. Boat on the sea wont run after a day and its got pcb’s corroded or the wires got corroded? Real magic! Just spray it down and watch to crap go off like magic! Well, it woks on land electronics too! My friends boogie knows that!

Man I should have done a commercial for them. Pay me real magic (if you’re still around)


I was saddened when my friend paid me back years later and asked for his mark. But, it was his and we had an agreement. He was a down and out great guitarist that had ”problems”. When he cleaned up his life he cut ties with everyone from his past, his family too. (He had no children or wife) He went touring with a Christian metal band and I never saw him again. At least I thought it was a Christian band. Might have been a cult. They did give me pamphlets and such but wasn’t willing to run off and leave my wife and children for a road show, for free! I digress.