Hey! Nice to finally be here.

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    Oct 19, 2018
    Hi sevenstring members :)
    My name is Marcin. I did check a lot of topics on this forum already for some time and found a lot of valuable information that I needed, but didn't have chance to create an account, so it's time for that. I've been playing guitar for over 17 years now. I like all kinds of music, especially post-rock, post-metal, ambient metal, progressive stuff, even death metal etc. but I'm always open for any new sound.

    I've been playing in few bands for the last couple of years, but the last would be Feather Child and my project called Distant Dream which I am mainly focused on.

    Fractal Axe FX II, Matrix poweramp, DL cabinet
    Guitars: Mayones Duvell Elite 7, Skervesen 4AP, Kanji Shinjuku Evolver 7, Ibanez RGIT20FE

    My current main guitar Mayones Duvell Elite 7 :)
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