Good reasons to buy another guitar?

vejichan Regular
Jan 4, 2012
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New york
If you own 4 guitars already, what's a good reason to buy a new guitar?
  • I need a guitar in a different tuning
  • I need a guitar with single coils or humbuckers
  • I need a guitar that has 7/8/9 strings

is it enough to just want to buy a new guitar because it looks awesome?

jaxadam Regular
Aug 14, 2006
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Jacksonville, FL
If you own 4 guitars already


Demiurge Regular
Dec 25, 2005
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Worcester, MA
What reason does one need beyond attempting to fill the emptiness inside with the thrill of acquisition? Sure, it doesn't fill the emptiness- but nothing does! It's easier, however, to understand & to accept the limited efficacy of material things in that endeavor than to face the same void at the center of every child's laugh, lover's caress, perfectly-cooked steak, or picturesque sunset.

TheBolivianSniper Regular
May 25, 2020
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I mean

I have 3 and want another but I can't justify it especially right now

so I guess my answer is if you can cover all the tunings you need and you like what you have right now just don't buy another and spend the money on drugs or something idk

jl-austin Regular
Dec 8, 2009
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Different tunings.
Different bridge options (hardtail vs tremolo)
Different tremolo options (there are numerous options here)
Different pickup configurations
Different pickup models (even same guitar with different pickups is a great option)
Different colors
Different fingerboards
Different frets (size and type)
Different neck sizes

I'm getting tired of writing, you get the idea.


Lefty's unite!
May 12, 2016
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-to rub in your family's faces that you bought a guitar instead of taking them on vacation

-to celebrate that you got a divorce and sold your children to a hamburger factory

Sell me to the hamburger factory, please.

lost_horizon Regular
Oct 21, 2011
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Adelaide Australia
I guess I have found owning 15 guitars there are certain ones that I don't enjoy playing as much as the others and there are certain ones that I play a lot. You can't play them all. So the ones I don't enjoy I look to move them on quick. So if there is a guitar I am uncertain about I need to know I will be able to sell it and get some money back. The thing I most enjoy is trying new ones. I have found whenever you go into a guitar shop the guitars are never set up well, strings rusty, out of intonation, so I will never enjoy it. When I buy the guitar, new strings, setup, intonation done, truss rod I am getting a much better experience. To be honest I am at the point of just paying people to try out their guitars, I don't really want to own them, store them and be financially on the hook for them.

I have about 5 guitars that would be my core guitars. The rest were just to try and document. Many of the ones I have bought have never been measured or documented properly on Youtube.

There is currently a Warmoth Charvel 22 fret neck for sale for $250 and I can find a body for $150. It will need refinishing (I have the stuff), pickups and electronics, (I have) Bridge (i have) and tuners (i have). I will do a video on it, blah blah blah, probably won't be able to sell it or make my money back. Also I don't really like 22 fret necks and the neck access is pretty bad. So I know I will not get any money back, probably and it won't be a keeper. Net result down a few hours and $450. I could probably still sell the Warmoth neck but others would have to be happy with my refinish. Maybe there is an amazing flamed neck under that black paint?

(P.S. How cool is the Gary Moore Charvel : )

Vs There is a 2015 Musicman Majesty for sale in Japan today for $2800 AUD It is all original. I could buy it, play it, clean it up and sell it. It is about 50% of the price of one locally and I've always wanted to try it. I could play it, get in and out and probably make a little cash. Net result, probably up $1-2k. Is it going to be a keeper? Maybe. Is it going to knock off one of the other 5 guitars? Maybe. Lots of upsides to that experience.

That's just my thinking these days. That's why I'm pushing to make a 7 string guitar next. To create something I can't find elsewhere. I could have stopped at one guitar and just practiced and played it forever, but wanted a floating trem and wanted different pickups and combo's. Along the way I have tried Les Paul style guitars, an EVH Axis, Superstrats and Les Paul Junior type guitars. If I tried any of them at the shops, or even played them in their original condition they would have sucked and I would have a completely warped view of them ad always be wondering 'what if' and that GAS never goes away till you scratch that itch.