EZDrummer 3 - custom kits


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Apr 13, 2011
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Since it's possible to mix and match kit pieces to build a custom kit in EZDrummer 3, I'd love to hear if some of you have experimented with that and if you've got any tips on doing so. Like many of you, I have several EZX expansions, and I'm looking to build a custom kit and template for using on recordings. I do have so specific questions if you've done this before:

1- if you can use any drum piece from any expansion, what do you choose as your base for the custom kit? Because this decision determines which room mics are used. This feels like the most important decision.
2- do you choose 'original mix' and then add your own EQ, reverb and compression with the multi out?
3- if you use the multi out, do you nest all the tracks inside a folder track (in REAPER) and add the bus compression to that track?
4- follow up to #3, do you add a track inside the parent folder for parallel compression and send the shells to that track?