Drummer looking for band/projects to track/record!!!

Discussion in 'Musician Classifieds' started by Joshua Woodard, Apr 12, 2019.

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    Apr 12, 2019
    Durham, NC USA
    I'm a session drummer from Wilson/Durham, North Carolina, USA. I've been playing for 20+ years. I am looking to track drums for bands/projects and I have my own studio (I track drums at my church and make it into my own studio over the weekends).

    My influences are:
    Calvin Rodgers
    Josh Mayfield
    Matt Garskta
    DeCarlos Davis Sr.
    Dennis Chambers
    David Weckl
    Travis Barker
    Zayn Johnson
    Clemons Poindexter
    Jermaine Poindexter
    Buddy Rich
    Will Calhoun
    Matt Halpern
    Adam Gray
    and many others!

    I have great work ethic, and speed is my niche when it comes to sending tracks back and forth. I can't play super fast but I can play and put fills, grooves and space when needed. I am ready to work asap, whether it is indie, mainstream, or major. I am also associated with BMI (PRO) if anything far as money or royalties are talked about. I want to get my foot in the door and get my session playing and discog going so I can become a professional session drummer.

    My Setup:
    PDP M5 Drum Kit (main)
    Tama Superstar Classic Snare (2nd Snare)

    AKG P170 Overheads x1
    Shure PGA56 Cardioid Dynamic [Snare Mic]
    Digital Reference DRDK7 Kit (On Toms, Kick)

    Let's work!!!!! I can email you all my YouTube to see my work.

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