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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by rick_fears, Nov 20, 2013.

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    So ive recently purchased a laney irt120h, stellar amp by the way. But Justin the last few days ive come across two unbelievable deals on used heads which I could afford if I were to return the laney.

    1. Vht/fryette D120

    2. Engl Powerball

    So the laney really is a great amp.super articulate. Really flexible and sweet Jesus Does it get heavy. But. In the short time ive owned it I have already experienced a standby light failure and the power light fickers in amd out. Laney is UK based so service is questionable. However there are dedicated dealers here in the states.

    But anyways. Back to the point of the thread. I am unfamiliar with the Vht d120 but have heard a pitbull in person. I liked it. Can anybody who owns the d120 comment On the amp? Problens/Tone/etc?

    As for the engl. Well its an engl. Its awesome right? But its a powerball 1?? Im assuming since there is a powerball 2 there was smething wrong with the 1? Lol. Anybody care to elaborate?

    I realize trying them out will be the best way to decide but I would have to drive a significant distance to reach either amp and unless im 64% sure I would purchase I cannot do that. I will be using the amp to produce technical/melodic deathmetal.
    Thanks all in advance.

    Live long and prosper :hbang:

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