Cubase: Create multi-out for vst instruments (Superior Drummer)

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by Dommak89, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Hi there,

    I had to recently set up my computer again and before that haven't really been active in recording for a while, hence not remebering some stuff that I used to know.

    I'm using Cubase Elements 8.5 and Superior Drummer 2.0 and I know I was previously able to create several channels for each part of the drumkit. I have read a lot of thread in the net, but what is confusing is that A) I cannot add a VST-Instrument (F11). I can click on it or press F11, but nothing pops up and I simply cannot add a VST-Instrument. And B) Even though when I create an Instrument track manually and I chose the multichannel out option from superior it just doesnt create seperate tracks. They are there though. If I go to the mixing console the seperate tracks are shown, but not in the window where I could edit the tracks. What am I missing here?
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    I had the same problem when updating Cubase to a new version a few years ago. Since Cubase 7 or 8 (I don't remember) you have to go into the VST Instruments-window and create a "Rack Instrument" and choose the one you want (in your case Superior Drummer), and from there you can press an arrow that let's you activate outputs.
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    Next of the Inspector in the top left corner of your project window there's a Visibility tab. Check there to make sure those tracks are not hidden.

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