Behringer Acoustic Modeler AM100

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May 25, 2004
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Cleveland , Ohio
Over all score B- ( price factored)

Almost too good to be true, an acoustic modeler for eletric guitar for under 20 bucks ?!. Too bad it only gets you real close. For it's price it's a better alternative to the Boss AC2. where this unit really shines is in chords and strums. Single note lines end up more like a heavy chorus effect ( it's tring to replicate the metallic twang from a an acoustic).
4 modes Standard, Large, Peizo, and Bright. Level control, Enhance control ( adds the harmonics and the metallic sound to the strings.) and RES or resonance which adds in the "feel" of the body. Kinda a combo of reverb and bass for the depth. It also has a direct out for an unaffeted signal to be run at the same time.
I've found no one setting works any better but the enhance and res do most of the work. I found that the second position or middle position sounds best on both my 7620 and 1527. Loseing the reverb from my signal chain and letting the pedal add it's own resonance works better too. I set the EQ on a new channel I created on my rack to be very flat. I also tested thorugh a Fender Hot Rod deluxe and Peavey XXL all with passable results with enough twiddleing.
Ultimately what is comes down to is the listener of your music and I've managed to convince a few non musicians it's a straight acoustic going into my amp when I play chords ( ipl ayed johnny Cash's "hurt" cover). Single notes lines weren't as convincing played in the lower registers. Played up higher they were more convinced. Even chords using the low B sounded good.
Construction is where this unit skimps. Made of plastic, it's not for pedal mashers as it wil break. Battery replacement is horrible. You have to press both hinge pins on the treadle to open the compartment. This is kinda harder to do than nesscesary. Incidently, the hinge pins are made of plastic and have a simple, weak spring. This WILL break first-no doubt. There is also a rubber "pin" attached to the treadle that goes down into the unit to hit the effect switch. Pretty cheesey.
The plastic case itself is four peices. Treadle, Top half, Bottom chassis where circut board is attached, and another bottom plate made of metal. there is a rubber pad both on the metal plate and the treadle. These pedals are painted because you can see inside where they didn't paint. ABS plastic is white. Circut is minimal due to mostly IC design. Tidy and logical layout and not much for "circut bending". All jacks and power jack are sturdy and do not look they would fail or come loose assuming the case is intact.
**For it's price it's a nice unit to have around the house or studio for quick acoustic fixes. It does it's job pretty passibly on chords and can get you a varity of new sounds, though not always straight up acoustic. For someone with a need for acoustic sounds in a studio, this may not be the solution. It would work well in a cover band situation where exact tone replication isn't a nesscesity.
How I attained my score. Over all sound, construction, Ease of use, sound options, and price. Overall sound and price were weighed heavily, as they have the most impact on gear I buy in effects.


Aug 21, 2005
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Los Angeles
Sephiroth000 said:
( ipl ayed johnny Cash's "hurt" cover)

What the hell? Play the original "Nine Inch Nails" version, yo.

Back on topic, sounds like a pretty good deal for the price.


None shall pass.
Apr 22, 2005
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London, Ontario, Canada
Hmm...I should look into this one.

And yeah, the NIN version of Hurt would sound better, since it's all piezo-acoustic anyways (Robin Finck used to use one of those little Martin travel acoustics live).