Any tips for fixing phase problems when using 2 mics on the same cab.

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Oct 10, 2012
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Been trying out 2 different mics on a 2x12 cab, one an SM57, the other a ribbon mic that I don't know the brand of but it has always sounded good on guitar. I'm putting one mic on each speaker. No matter how much I mess with placement I can never seem to quite get them perfectly in phase.

Is this just impossible to do? Any tricks out there?

I've nudged the waveform in software to try and better match each track and that helps but I haven't been able to quite make it perfect that way either.

I really like the sound of these 2 mics when they are mixed together, especially panned a bit L and R, but when you pan them any phase problems REALLY stand out.

I know the pros often use 2 or more mics on guitar cabs, what is the secret?