8th string fret buzz/intonation issues

Discussion in 'Extended Range Guitars' started by Dineley, Sep 28, 2018.

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    So I will update this with some pics later, but I dont think my nut is cut deep enough for my low E/F 0.80 gauge.

    I had really bad buzz on the 4th fret and it was just kind of muddy in general, so I tuned it from E to F see if I could get it a little cleaner.

    So the open string is an F first fret is G?!?!? it basically stays out of tune by a semitone up the first 5 or 6 frets.

    If my basic understanding is correct.... the string is travelling to far when fretted so it is sharp because i am pulling down more of the string than is needed to hit that note, which is likely due to the nut being too high.... it's ridiculously high btw, I'm just at work and can't get pics.
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    Fret at the third fret and examine the gap between the string at the first fret. The string should be just barely above the first fret. Like just enough that you can barely see the string move if you tap it above the first fret.

    If there’s more gap than that, the nut is cut too high.
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    Check the nut slot is cut wide enough for that gauge, there should be firm contact between string and nut slot floor, without the string being pinched tightly by the slot walls. The nut is probably ok if it is the original nut.
    High action at the nut will not make pitches a semitone higher over the lowest frets, if that's the case something else is severely wrong, check neck curvature.

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