1. neurosis

    How do you balance playing and gigging heavy guitars?

    Hey all. Quick questions here. I recently had to make inventory of my guitars to make some decisions on how long I play a few of them. I had a serious disc rupture a few yeas ago and it's always been a weak spot since. Early this year I fell on the ice and had lumbago for about two weeks...
  2. Jackillin

    Weight & Sustain of woods on EGRs?

    Hi, looking for body-wood advice! I've been looking at order a semi-custom 8-string guitar for a while to replace my HB R458. I have a really good idea of what specs I want including neck wood/construction/body top but I have no idea about body woods & what I should be considering. I think...
  3. B

    Stacking Cabs: How much is too much?

    Hey there, I recently picked up a PRS MT 15 and a PRS Stealth 2x12. Love the set up! I, however, live in apartment where space is limited. I currently have my rig stacked on top of my Markbass Players 1x15 combo. Is this a bad idea ? Is that too much weight to be stacked on my bass combo? The...
  4. Science_Penguin

    Preventing Neck-Dive

    As someone who was once injured by a guitar with severe neck-dive (cheap Epiphone SG) balance is an important issue for me. And, unfortunately for me, I love radically-shaped instruments. SG's, V's, Explorers, Stars, pretty much anything that isn't your typical Strat or Les Paul shape. I've...
  5. G

    Slightly Insane Weight Mod

    So about a year ago I bought a Chapman ml1 any of you who watch Rob Chappers youtube channel may have herd of the discrepancies that seem to plague them. So lucky me mine weighed just over 15 pounds :lol: . so me and my friend decide that there was nothing else to be done but cut holes in it...
  6. FretWizard88

    The Shake Weight (LMAO content!)

    Well my fellow sevenstring friends, what do you think......:lol::lol::lol:
  7. J

    Omen 7

    Does anyone know the exact weight, in POUNDS, of a Schecter Omen 7?

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