1. Guitarjon

    Wangs 1987HW (Affordable Handwired 50w Plexi...)

    I got a new amp to play with! Yay! Wangs was kind enough to send me their 1987HW amp which is basically a handwired 50w 4-hole non master volume "Marshall" Plexi. As with all the other "HW" Wangs amps it's handwired and made with great care in the Wangs shop in China. This is a good example of a...
  2. Guitarjon

    Marshall SC20H vs Wangs 2204-HW (50w handwired 2204 "clone")

    I made a pretty interesting comparison. Since I own both a Marshall SC20H / JCM 800 Studio and a Wangs 2204-HW I thought it would be fun to compare the sound of both amps. If you haven't heard of the Wangs 2204-HW, it's basically a boutique handmade/handwired 2204 clone built in the Wangs custom...
  3. Guitarjon

    NAD: Wangs 2204HW (affordable handwired 'vintage' amp)

    Hey guys, I got a new amp recently so I thought I'd share my thoughts and stuff. I asked Wangs to send me one and they were kind enough to do so. So I got the 2204HW which is basically a handwired 50w tube amp based on the old 2204s from the seventies. If you're not familiar with Wangs...
  4. Guitarjon

    Wangs amps (boutique amps from China)

    Has anyone heard of Wangs amps? It's an amp company from China and they are built by their small family-run company of about 15 employees. All the amps are made by hand with a lot of care basically but the price tags are attractive! So I got my HD-15 amp a while ago and I've been enjoying the...