1. H

    Hardware Looper With Plugins

    Hi, I'm considering to buy a looper pedal (TC Electronic Ditto+) and was wondering if I am able to use it with plugins in my DAW (e.g. Bias FX) for general jamming / practicing. So my current setup for playing through plugins is as follows: Guitar -> Motu M4 Instrument In-> Bias FX ->...
  2. alessandroarzilli

    Ronald Passion FREE stuff - Revolution Z, ReChromE and ReGoID

    Hi everyone, I'm taking another look at some very old free VST plugins and I wanted to share these with you, made in Indonesia by a certain Ronald Passion (not sure about almost anything regarding this). But...they sound really good, especially using some good IRs (even free ones work great).
  3. alessandroarzilli

    Vadim Taranov Slowrunner - GAIN!

    Hi everyone! This is my review for the Slowrunner amp sim VST plugin by Vadim Taranov! What a beautiful high-gain guitar tone it has! Ever tried it?
  4. alessandroarzilli

    Hotone V Stomp - Versatile amp sim VST plugin for bedroom producers!

    Hey folks! I just published my own review and tone test of the Hotone V-Stomp amp sim VST plugin! Very versatile little big tool for us all bedroom producers! Ever tried it?
  5. Soubi7string

    Need Help getting Djinnbass to read my MIDI

    So I got Djinnbass and I have GGD One Kit Wonder as well. Luckily I got a template that already routed and made GGD OKW recognize my MIDI mapping. I tried using that for Djinnbass and had no luck. I'm using Reaper v5.99 on Windows OS10. Kontakt has been a PAIN so far. Any help is appreciated...
  6. alessandroarzilli

    Brainworx Diezel Herbert - Vicious modern amp sim VST plugin combined with huge clean tones

    Hey folks! Just published my own review and tone test of the Brainworx Audio Diezel Herbert amp sim VST plugin! This thing is the state-of-the-art of metal amps! Ever tried it? 00:00 Quick intro song 01:30 Background and user interface 02:17 Signal and FX chain 02:34 Live playing chuggs 07:31...
  7. Hiddenplate

    Still trying to make decent sounding Free VST Guitar AMP (poulin)

    Hi I'm still trying to make decent sounding AMP from Free VST plugs (poulin)... There's nothing else to say from my point of view... please listen and comment I'd like to know more opinions about this... https://soundcloud.com/hiddenplate/untitledsong11b Signal Chain: Jackson Dinky JS22-7...
  8. mor3evrfld

    My favorite amp sim so far, Omega Granophyre [No Talking-Pure Chugs Demo]

    I also own an axe fx ii. The Granophyre is quite the competition here. You can go crazy with the axe fx and make a sick tone but in terms of making a great tone easily, the Grano wins. It also has to do with the nice cabinet section. By the way, i've started this youtube series "No talking -...
  9. alessandroarzilli

    aiXdsp Note EQ - My review and tone test

    Hey everyone! I tried the Note EQ VST plugin by Aixdsp playing a vintage Ibanez SR800 bass! Take a look at the full review: 00:00 Quick sound test 00:20 User interface 01:45 My preset 05:39 Full mix sound 06:49 My conclusions I'm neither sponsored, nor endorsed by any company, I'm just a...
  10. alessandroarzilli

    Audio Assault Duality Bass Studio - My review

    Hey bass players of the community! I recently got a very old Ibanez SR800BK 4 strings bass guitar from a friend and started playing with it with some VSTs, I just tried the Duality bass Studio! Sounds awesome for metal, what do you think? 00:00 Quick tone test 01:00 User interface 01:43 Signal...
  11. alessandroarzilli

    NaLex Software Ninja - Free VST plugin

    Hey what's up everyone! This is my video review and tone test of the free Ninja amp sim by NaLex Software! It's got lots of gain and doesn't need any clean boosting before it. Have you ever tried it? 00:00 Quick sound test 01:19 User Interface 01:59 My signal chain 02:33 Guitars only 03:31...
  12. Skiadas

    Guitar VST Plugins

    Hello, I have the Bias Fx pro plugin for about 2 years and I would like to find an alternative plugin. I am in a funky-disco band and I don't like the clean sound of the Bias Fx. Can anyone help me find a better clean channel Plugin? The price range that I am able to afford is around 50-150...
  13. alessandroarzilli

    Vadim Taranov's RedTone VST Plug-In Amp Simulator

    Hey everyone! This is my review and tone test of the Redtone VST plugin amp sim by Vadim Taranov. Have you ever tried it? I think it sounds absolutely killer especially for death and thrash metal! I'm neither sponsored, nor endorsed by this company, I'm just a metlahead who likes making video...
  14. alessandroarzilli

    Amp Sims and VST Plug-Ins for Metalheads - Facebook Group

    Hello everybody! Since I searched a lot throughout the years, but couldn't ever find a Facebook group dedicated to these topics, I decided to create my own. It's just a virtual place where to share personal reviews, opinions and knowledge about VST Plug-Ins and amp sims just for metal music...
  15. alessandroarzilli

    Vadim Taranov's Mars Plexi #1 VST Plug-In

    Hey everyone! This is my review and tone test of the Mars Plexi #1 VST plugin amp sim by Vadim Taranov. Have you ever tried it?I think it's absolutely fantastic, it really sounds awesome especially for classic heavy metal! I'm neither sponsored, nor endorsed by this company, I'm just a...
  16. alessandroarzilli

    Vadim Taranov's Blades VST Plug-In

    Hey everyone! This is my review of the BLADES VST Plug-In by Vadim Taranov! Have you ever tried it? I believe it's got great tones, especially if paired with some decent IR files! Here's my review of it! I'm neither sponsored, nor endorsed by this company, I'm just a metlahead who likes making...
  17. alessandroarzilli

    NoAmp! by Mokafix Audio - Free VST amp sim

    Hello everybody! has anyone ever tried the NoAmp! amp sim VST plug-in by Mokafix Audio? It was created a lot of years ago, but I always thought it had great tones (especially similar to 5150 and Rectifier). The user interface isn't absolutely the best ever seen, but yet very particular and kinda...
  18. alessandroarzilli

    Ndzeit - Dirthead - Free amp simulator VST plugin

    Hello community! Have you ever tried the free amp sim by Ndzeit called Dirthead? It's a three-channel VST amp head with its own single cabinet simulator. The channel are clean, crunch and ultra that can be activated by clicking on the yellow, orange or red leds. It comes with the usual controls...
  19. alessandroarzilli

    Ignite Amps NRR-1 v3 VST Plug-In

    Hello community! has anybody of you ever tried the Ignite Amps NRR-1 v3 VST Plug-In? It's a free guitar preamplifier simulator that has 3 channels (Clean, Rhythm and Lead) and it's absolutely amazing, because you can get a lot of great tones with it! Each channel has a Bright selector that can...
  20. J

    Can NOT dial a good tone with TF Menace. Any suggestions?

    Hey guys, I bought Toneforge Menace several months back so I could simplify my recording set up. Just guitar to interface to laptop. Simple as that. From all reviews I read about Menace, it seemed like it was able to dial a tone in damn near instantly. But from my experience over the last few...

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