1. T

    Headless 6-string with Overlord R-Trem copy

    I was here a few years ago but lost my account info. Anyway, i left off building a headless 6 string that had built in Chorus & Reverb (PT2399) Distortion, Artec BCU and a 5W amp. I did complete build but was so frustrated by the whole thing that I never "finished" the project and ended up...
  2. Masoo2

    MOOV Travel Guitars? 7-8 Strings

    Had this appear on my YouTube recommended page out of the blue and thought it was kinda neat: Been searching for an acoustic for a while and came *this close* to picking up an LTD Thinline but some other stuff came up and it escaped my mind. Really digging lack of traditional body (biggest...
  3. zilla

    What to do in San Antonio this weekend?

    I'm in SA for the weekend and have all day saturday and about 1/2 a day on Monday to hang out. my hotel is a stone's throw from the alamo, so i got that covered. is there anything else cool to do? I'm not big on amusement parks and stuff like that. are there any music visit music stores...
  4. neurosis

    Traveling and CITES

    I wasn't sure if this was the right section to post about this but couldn't really see it anywhere else. If it needs moving I apologize and admins feel free to close or move it. Hey all, I am thinking of bringing one of my guitars back to the US with me on an upcoming flight. Last time I...
  5. p0ke

    Travel thread ... ?

    Hey! Is anyone else here into traveling? Or well, who isn't :lol: I have a travel related question, but I thought once that's dealt with, people can post their travel experiences or other questions etc. to keep it going :) Vacation photos also, please ;) Anyway, I got married a couple of...
  6. K

    1,349 Musicians Working To Renew The World's Love For Local Music

    We put a call out to musicians around the world to make their mark on the map in the name of laying a claim to the sound of their community. This initiative is now 7 months online and has reached 1,349 musicians in every corner of the globe. How far can we take this? The Global Map Of...
  7. samu

    Best travel sevenstrings?

    I'm currently a student abroad and in need of a smaller guitar that would fit in my luggage. I'm sick of traveling with my RG7620 and the hassle I have to go through with flight attendants/airlines to let me bring it on the plane, so I was wondering if you guys know any semi decent, compact...
  8. neurosis

    Moving to the US. Border Customs and my guitars.

    Hello fellow forumites! I am going to move to the US next week and, regarding some info I have read over the past days, I feel the need to ask you this: Can I travel through customs without problems or fear of my guitar getting confiscated? I have read that there have been updates in the...
  9. phaeded0ut


    Dear all, This one is unfortunately for citizens of the USA with retired parents who would be interested in what is going on with our (USA) foreign service. Was very lucky that my mother was interested and that I was able to go on a few of the single "Day of Discovery" seminars. Informative...
  10. Friden

    5 in San Francisco and 5 in Los Angeles

    Hey dudes! I’m going to be in SFO on Tuesday for 5 days on holiday then drive down to LA and stay another 5 days there. I read a lot on what to see and what to visit (travelguides for tourists) however I’m in need of interesting metal-related sites, bars and music shops. Also i read a post...
  11. Durero

    Vid: Where the Hell is Matt? (Dancin' Warm Fuzzies)

    This otta put smiles on yer face... (turn off the HD option if playback is jerky) Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) on Vimeo :nlb: