1. Emperor Guillotine

    FS Strictly 7 (S7G) AK7 Prototype B (built for Acle Kahney of TesseracT)

    DESCRIPTION: Custom Strictly 7 Cobra built for Acle Kahney of TesseracT. This was meant to be a prototype for Acle’s "AK7" signature model that was never actualized by S7G. Specs: • Swamp ash body wings • Body finish: matte black over red-filled grain with a satin finish • 27.5” scale length...
  2. Joshua Woodard

    Drummer looking for prog/djent band online. Serious inquires

    Drummer looking to join an online or remote prog/metal band long term. Professional work. I am planning on upgrading my home studio and getting an Alesis Strike Pro SE Electric Drum Kit with real drum samples from GGD or Superior Drummer in a few weeks and getting back into tracking drums! I...
  3. SlipknotKoRnfan

    Can you tell what I've been listening to?

    After some wine and podcasts by a certain band I found myself suddenly inspired to record a 1 minute short... Lol I have no idea how to embed Soundcloud. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/fmaugurati/tessefab
  4. Dante94

    TesseracT Ambitious Demo Collection - I need your help!

    Hello! How are you all doing? I hope y'all are doing amazingly great, especially in these troublesome times we're living in. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dante, I'm 26 years old and I am from Chile (South America). You might recognize me as ''A Buddhist Melomaniac'' on YouTube (the...
  5. S

    Introductions from Australia, also AmbiDjent Song, Thoughts???

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum but always followed it closely I was hoping to get some feedback and possible review on a music video I recently posted on YouTube, I'm an independent artist myself trying to gain knowledge on getting a better sound similar to Tesseract and also make some...
  6. Jook

    Richmond, VA - Possibly looking for a Vocalist/Lyricist

    Hey folks! Jeremy from Epiphany here! We just dropped our first single "Black Omen" from our debut self-titled "Epiphany". We are possibly contemplating adding a vocalist/lyricist moving forward if they seem like a good fit! If you'd like to try your hand, the download can be found on on...
  7. J

    EDD (Evil Day of Death) - EP 1

    Hey all, Over the past couple years, two incredibly talented friends of mine, Chris and Jon, have compiled a bounty of envelope-pushing instrumental prog metal. Just recently they posted up an EP with five newly completed tracks. I'm not aware of sevenstring's policies on promotion, but I have...
  8. B

    New Seven Album

    New Seven album "Dark Scientific" is out now. stream it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDut_WSlMM0 seventhsounds.bandcamp.com
  9. gunslingerjh

    Tesseract - Survival (Mix/Mastertest)

    Just wanted to share this cover of Survival by Tesseract. All guitarsounds are made with the POD HD500, drum is Superior Drummer 2.0 (mixing done seperately). Bass is guitar pro 6 with lots of processing! Instrumental version...
  10. T

    What's the best Amp Sim software to use to get a good TesseracT tone?

    I've been using Amplitube for a while and while it's good, it's not "djent" friendly. I can't get a good dirty tone like the guys in Tesseract, and I'm looking for an amp sim software to do it. I know an actual POD or Axe fx would be ideal but they're too expensive, so I'll just have to make due...
  11. Jack D-Countenance Fallen

    Tesseract 'Utopia' Drum Cover by Jamie Black

    Recorded and produced by myself with our very amateur mixmatched gear :L Drums sound amazing cause the boy knows how to hit and tune! (and we have alot of experience getting a good sound out of this crappy gear) https://youtu.be/d4YGWMwSizA Hope you guys enjoy, if you like feel free to subscribe...
  12. P

    need new music

    i need some new bands/songs to listen to. I've been listening to the contortionist and tesseract a lot lately and i'm looking for more bands that have cool ambient clean guitar parts with singing and maybe some keyboards. :hbang:
  13. Masoo2

    Some POD X3 Questions

    Well, I just placed an order for a POD X3 that I found on GC's used section. Why did I choose the X3? Cheaper than getting POD Farm Platinum, cheaper than an HD, and a few artists that I listen to still use the X3/XT technology to this date (John Browne, Chimp Spanner, etc...) However, I...
  14. R

    Would really appreciate some feedback on the direction of my first recording

    https://soundcloud.com/jrb-10/discomb-update-drum-mix2 (idk how to embed soundcloud tracks!!!) Its far from being done, i just wanted some second opinions on how my mix/eq direction is going. I could really use some Constructive criticism, as this is my first time really recording a track. Also...
  15. H

    EDGE OF HAZE - New video out!!

    Hey guys! We just put out a new video today and would love to hear your thoughts about it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTyXZA4LSbA The track is called "Into the Red Sun", which is the sixth track on Edge Of Haze's new album "Illumine". Those digging Tesseract, Katatonia and Skyharbor...
  16. B

    Help needed with finding/dialing a tone patch!

    So I recently got a Line 6 Pod HD Pro X and I don't have a lot of time to mess with it, since I work full time (8-6), and when I am at home I spend time with my son and after that with my girl. And weekends are family time.. So... I want to ask if some of you can find/dial me a tone that is...
  17. Rational Gaze

    Song/album Trailer!-Drop E, cellos, a drummer, a fretless, a synth, and psychedelia!

    Waddup guys! Been busy working on our 2nd album, and as we record we are documenting it all. Here's a little blurb from a song that will be on that record, "Labyrinthian". We are stoked with how it's coming, and with how layered it's beginning to sound. Lots of toys being used on this stuff...
  18. tresarp

    Feedback on my solo progressive metal project

    Hi guys, I've recently been working on my own solo progressive metal project. As I don't have much visibility yet, I would really appreciate it if you would so kindly check out some of my stuff and give me some feedback. Thanks! :hbang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7dNJ7QcDU0
  19. Musza

    S7G Acle Kahney 7 B-Prototype (TesseracT)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: for sale is a one of a kind, very special guitar from S7 Guitars. It was made for Acle Kahney from TesseracT and there were only 4 (or even only 2) of them made in the end. Great guitar with interesting neck shape. Spec: CONSTRUCTION: Neck through...
  20. E

    Opinions on Ibanez Premium RG927QMF?

    I'm thinking about buying an Ibanez Premium RG927QMF to then swap the pups for some BKPs, add sperzel locking tuners and earvana compensated nut. The original plan was to buy a JP12 7 but I don't have THAT much money, any opinions on this guitar? (unfortunately I can't try before I buy because...