1. neurosis

    Edge Pro 7 (what am I doing wrong)

    Hey all, have a recent purchase I am setting up. It has a Edge Pro 7 and it's giving me a harder time than usual. I got he right neck relief and action with he right height for the studs, then blocked and strung it, tuning to A Standard with 10-52 and a .068 d'addario set of strings. I have...
  2. neurosis

    Elixir Strings sold out? (The Elixir strings availability thread)

    Hi guys, I am trying to get a few single 0.68 Elixir strings and they are sold out on all pages I have looked at. JusstStrings, StringsAndBeyond and StringsByMail. Any idea where else I could look? Also since I am at it, I play 9-42 sets with an additional 56 in B Standard 25.5 scale. My...
  3. BMFan30

    Guitar Strings for Metal

    Hello all! Need new guitar strings as I'm running my last set into the ground. What are some good strings for metal which would sound very bright for a strat basically? Might pick up a few sets actually. What do you use & like?
  4. C

    Fret buzz question from beginner

    Hey all, new to this forum. I haven't been playing 7 string for that long. I just put on some new strings .10-59s and I am getting buzz on the 5th string between frets 2 and 7 and the 6th string frets 1 to 9 and the 7th string frets 2 to 12. The other strings are fine and my action is really not...
  5. Exchanger

    String theory : the material science of strings

    So here is the deal, I work in mechanical engineering, and I understand the basic concepts of setting up guitars and strings (like, I made my own tension calculator), but there's surprisingly little explanation to be found out there as to why different things happen. And I get it, material...
  6. CptnBps

    8 string newbie string gauge thread

    Hey everyone, I bought my first 8 string recently and like a lot of people, I've discovered that 10-74 on an RG8 just doesn't do the trick for me. So. I use 10-52s on a 25.5" in standard down to drop C# (sometimes drop C), then I play a 27" 6 string from drop B to drop A with 12-68s (which...
  7. Lon Chuky

    What about a Metallica medley with a 7 Strings

    Hi guys, After the post related to Iron Maiden, here's the one related to Metallica What do you think of this medley of Metallica ? I've spent some time ti build this, and i'm quite happy with the result. Metallica with 7 strings : sounds good or nah ?
  8. Lon Chuky

    What about an Iron Maiden medley with a 7 Strings

    Hi guys, First of all, i'm very sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong session. If you could give me some advices about the sound and what you think about this ? That would be great as i need some improvments : Guitar : Chapman ML7-Pro Amp : Bias Amp 2 & Bias FX
  9. donaldanthony

    Are there any 90 gauge strings that are tapered for a 27inch scale 8 string?

    I ordered one from string joy but it could fit through only so much until it was too thick to fit through, there was way too much slack to start winding it around the tuning post. I end it up clipping it and then slightly unwound it to fit it through. When I tuned it to pitch, it sounded like...
  10. ElectricBaliset

    Kalium customers who've had to file a dispute

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place; wasn't clear on the most appropriate forum to post this kind of issue. Feel free to move as needed. I love Kalium strings, but I've got an issue with them, and I'm losing my patience. I'm just looking to see if anybody has had this experience, and...
  11. JustinRhoads1980

    Issue with Strings On My Hardtail Guitar

    So this is about the second or third time this has occurred to me and I can't explain what exactly is causing it at all whatsoever. So what seems to happen is that at the bottom of the string where the little ball is, the string at the end I guess begins to unwind?? I have no idea what is...
  12. Adam D.

    RGIB6 with thin strings?

    Hey everyone! I'd like to ask for your opinions/suggestions again. Recently I've purchased an Ibanez RGD321 which I've intentended to use in Drop A, and based on the suggestions here on the forums and D'Addario's string gauge chart, I had it set up with NYXL 12-60 (plain G). It works pretty...
  13. Redz99

    Buying a 9-string Agile Interceptor Pro 930

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, so let me briefly introduce myself: my name Is Pietro, I am 20, I live in Italy and have been playing guitar for about 3 and a half years. :) I've got a doubt concerning a purchase I'm going to do in a few weeks: as a fan of Metalcore, Deathcore and Djent...
  14. Tikitony

    7 string action - help please...

    Hi All! So, recently I acquired a (pristine) second hand Ibanez RG Iron Cross 7 string. However, the fret buzz on the first fret was terrible for all the strings, so naively I just heightened the saddles until it was gone. Now I have a ridiculously high action of around 3.2mm at the 12th fret...
  15. lorenzzreds

    Substituting bridge

    Hi guys. How much would cost to replace a string through body with an hardtail bridge? Is it possible? Are there any benefits?
  16. bkit13

    Fender Jazz bass for metal?

    Pretty new here, so excuse my ignorance on anything "obvious" Been looking to record some bass tracks in Drop C, and was wondering what thoughts people had on using a Japanese Geddy Lee Jazz bass with a 34" scale length, as well as any ideas on the best strings to use. Getting a new bass isn't...
  17. mguilherme87

    String Gauge for D standard, 24.75 scale length

    Whats up, so I keep my 89' Fender strat in standard with 10's. 9's feel too loose to me. I have my Gibson SG in Eb tuning with 11's and it feels fine, doesn't bother me. I have an Esp Ltd Ec-401fr tuned a whole step down also with 11's and it just feels too slinky to me. The strings can go sharp...
  18. S

    Drop F on a 28" scale 6 string

    Anyone else tuning to G/Drop F on a 6? I'm not much of an 8 string player (I will be, don't you worry) but I do a fair bit in that range on baritone 6's and 7's. Just wondering what string gauges you guys tend to throw on a low F on a 28in scale. Here's a link to a song in F my band threw out...
  19. MoeMurrda

    String Question for Agile Septor Elite 728 EB 28" Scale

    Hello all, Long time reader, first time poster. I bought the guitar mentioned in the title, and when I went to get it professionally set-up, the guys told me that due to the 28 5/8" scale, and the length/positioning of the headstock, sets of strings no longer contained a low string long enough...
  20. D

    Strings for Schecter Blackjack SLS C-8 28"

    Hello everybody! I apologize in advance for my English. I have a Schecter Blackjack SLS C-8 Crimson Red with a 28 "scale. Now I use Ernie Ball strings 10-74, but it seems to me that the first three strings have a lot of tension, and if we take Ernie Ball 09-80, we'll get a weak tension of 5 and...