1. AngstRiddenDreams

    Industrial Sludge Idea

    Never really messed around with the idea of a steady industrial styled drum beat, but last night I pulled this short demo together and felt like sharing it! Check it out, let me know if it sounds totally horrible? I'm not sure how to even begin mixing stuff like this other than just throwing...
  2. Chronophobia

    Online metal, hardcore, prog collab

    Looking to collab with someone online combining influences from stuff like sludge metal, hardcore, math rock, prog, fusion, death metal and noise rock. I'm no songwriting expert but my favourite stuff I've written tends to come from working with unusual rhythms, chord progressions, moods, etc...
  3. AngstRiddenDreams

    Octave Sludge Goodness

    Figured some folks here might like this! A short off-kilter sludgy demo of a riff for a song I'm working on. Been messing with octave down pedals recently in Bias and have been loving the results. Ownhammer IR's, Bareknuckle Trilogy Suite bridge single coil, Superior Drummer 2.0. THICK.
  4. ItWillDo

    NGD: Hapas Sludge 628

    Finish: "Pitch Black" Pickguard: Flamed Maple (Recessed) Body Wood: 2pcs Selected Ash Neck Wood: Maple (Stained Black) Fretboard Wood: Richlite (Black) Number of Frets: 24 Scale Length: 28" Inlays: None Hardware Type: Gold/Black Mix Bridge Pickup: Læviathan (Golden Poles) Controls: 1x Volume...
  5. budda

    The gnarliest tone I've heard from an Axe Fx, I think two drive blocks feeding a fairly modded AD200 into 2x Orange 212 IR's (thanks @Guitarjon for that tidbit!). The guitar in this was my PRS SC594 semi-hollow limited. Here's a Gibson LP standard P90 with one drive block for comparison...
  6. Steinmetzify

    Doom/Sludge IRs - FREE

    Went hunting, found these. Been using the OH Heavy Hitters stuff, mainly the Orange, Zilla and Emperor cabs lately; wanted something different. Did I mention they're free? Sample: Site to grab: You can donate if you want...I...
  7. akinari

    Black Sheep Wall release new single, announce new album in February "We hope you enjoy our first single “Concrete God” as it is a window into what we feel is our most diverse sounding album yet. For fans of ours that have been with us since the beginning, don’t worry, there are still...
  8. AngstRiddenDreams

    Atmospheric Sludge Track

    Hey guys, haven't posted in awhile but I finally got around to demoing a new track my band wrote. Bias FX for guitar and bass. Superior 2.0 for drums. Check it out and lemme know what you think!
  9. broj15

    NPD: Boss ODB-3 (from a guitarists perspective)

    So I'm back home visiting my family for a few days, and today I decided to pop by my local music go round just to see what they had. Long story short I walked out with a Boss ODB-3. I do play bass, but not currently playing bass in a band, and I've been feeling like my guitar tone has been...
  10. broj15

    Malevich - Our Hollow (blackened / grind / sludge / post metal)

    No association with the band other than that I'm playing with them in a couple weeks. Seriously this album absolutely rips front to back. And they put on a seriously good live show. I'd say if you're a fan of any kind of extreme metal then seeing them on thier upcoming tour would be a good idea...
  11. broj15

    Oh look, it's another pickup thread

    Well here we are again.... Some one's asking about pickups again. For those of you who say my latest post in my RGI alu neck build thread, you'll know I'm still undecided on pickups for my build. I find it's easier to work with bullet points so I'll go ahead and list em': Guitar spec: -...
  12. AngstRiddenDreams

    New Sludge Hardcore Track

    Just finished recording this with a first mix. It's a sludgy bluesy hardcore cluster fuck. Guitars/bass are bias, drums are SD2.0 and I did the vocals with a sm57. Please give me feedback on the track and mix! Thanks guys
  13. broj15

    "avant garde / experimental" death metal

    I guess this thread can be for appreciation, discussion, recommendations, etc. So, I used to loooooove death metal, but over the past few years I've grown tired of the genre for a myriad of reasons: boring & predictable/overly repetitive song structures, sterile, high fi, "digital" sounding...
  14. broj15

    Any ideas on where to source old amp parts?

    Forgive me if this would fit better in the gear & equipment sub (mods can feel free to move it if so) So a couple months ago I ended up scoring a silverface Sunn Concert Lead (silverface version with 2 channels and the red knobs). I picked it up from a lady who said it belonged to her ex...
  15. broj15

    NAD: are 56k jokes even relevant in 2019?

    Oh what's this? Looks like we'll need something to open that up... No, not that. This will have to do Okay, some potential cfc's... Oh, what's this under here? Alright, enough messin around. Here ya go Damn that's an awful lot of glass And there's the wierd uncle way in the...
  16. broj15

    Suggestions for 15" guitar speakers for crusty sludgy doomy stuff

    So I'm looking to put some new speakers in my other Peavey 2x15. I have one loaded with eminence betas that I'm currently using for bass but it seems to work well for guitar too. I Iike the betas, but I'm wondering if there's anything else out there designed specifically for guitar that would...
  17. broj15

    New Gear Day & some random pics of my "collection" (peavey, sunn, & fender content)

    So I decided to pull the trigger on the bassman cab and the sunn beta bass I found at the pawn shop last week. So far I'm really pleased with how it sounds. I haven't quite gotten my tone dialed in yet though. I just need to rind the right mix of gain from the amp & my dirt pedal (boss os-2). It...
  18. gale_lega

    Hesperian Death Horse - 'Živ' (2018, Avant-garde/Post-metal/Sludge)

    Avant-garde/sludge/post-metal band playing in Zagreb, Croatia since 2012. Hesperian Death Horse is a narrator of psychedelic, nihilistic poetry that sings a saga of the birth, life and death of every being, each stage envisioned as a separate album forming a trilogy, after which, the band will...
  19. theo

    First mix with acoustic drums (doom/sludge-ish content)

    Been mixing a demo for a friends band, this is my first crack at a session with acoustic drums, it's been quite a learning curve from superior/EZD2. I'd love some feedback and constructive criticism!
  20. Masoo2

    LOW TUNED Helix Native Mix Test (GGD Drums)

    LINK: // (download for higher quality) I've been out of the metal game for a minute and decided to make a quick mix test to sharpen up my fading skills. It's a short cover of this (joke) song that I found a few years ago...