1. jjcor

    NAD - Bogdalno Slo100

    Got a Bogner modded Soldano Slo100 about a month ago. The headshell was damaged in shipping, but I was able to get a hold of B.A.D. and they built me a new headshell and let me customize it as well! So I had to do a whiteout to match my KSR. I have no clue what Bogner did to the amp exactly...
  2. jjcor

    NAD - Holy Grail (For me at least)

    I haven’t been on here much cause I haven’t been playing that much lately. Life and owning a business has taken up quite a bit of my time lately. But when one of my friends said he was going to part with his Slo that he’s had for years and for such a ridiculously cheap price, I couldn’t pass it...
  3. alessandroarzilli

    Neural DSP Soldano SLO-100 - Legendary snakeskin guitar tone!

    Hey people, whats'up? As everybody else in the business, I made my own review and tone test for Neural DSP's latest amp sim VST plugin, the Soldano SLO-100! Needless to say, this thing sounds legendary! And the snakeskin looks soooo 80's! Ever tried it?
  4. alessandroarzilli

    LePou Poulin SoloC free amp sim VST plugin - Is it still good in 2021? (Free download)

    Hello everyone! This is my review and tone test of the FREE SoloC amp sim VST plugin by the great Alain "LePou" Poulain! Is it still good in 2021? Not sure about this ... (Download included)
  5. alessandroarzilli

    DiBiQuadro SaturnLO Preamp - Soldano SLO100 amp sim VST plugin

    Hey metalheads! I just published my review and tone test of the DiBiQuadro SaturnLO amp sim VST plugin! Sounds awesomely similar to a Soldano SLO100 amplifier head! Ever tried it? 00:00 Quick intro song 01:09 Overview and user interface 02:14 Signal and FX chain 02:28 Live playing chuggs 06:30...
  6. S

    [NEW VIDEO] Tuning my Baritone down to A0

    I got a new video up where I take my Squier Jazzmaster Baritone and tune it down to A0! Let me know what you think. I threw on some super thick strings (105-22), used STL Tonehub’s new Soldano SLO100 preset pack (which sounds awesome) and wrote a nice slow and sludgy riff. It starts in E1 and...
  7. alessandroarzilli

    Nembrini Audio BST100 - Quick tone test and review

    Hey everybody, I’ve just had the chance to make a quick tone test of the new Nembrini BST100 plug-in. Has anybody tried it? This amp simulator is from a fellow italian company born from the experience of Igor Nembrini, who’s been around in the guitar amp plug-in world for more than ten years...

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