1. D

    Open Chords - Haunted Shores style

    I was just wondering what some of the big chords you guys use are? The only one I really know is for example: ----3----- -----4----- ------5---- -------6---
  2. fenix511

    My bands cover of the Team Rocket Hideout theme(Hide your Pokemon!)

    Check it out and tell me if its any good or if we just ruined Pokemon for you, either way its probably an accomplishment! :p and if you like it you should come send us a like anything counts, and there is original music too we aren't a cover band :lol: Shores of Elysium | Facebook
  3. zerofocus

    New chilled ambient glitch music

    Hi I'm back again =D new song has been done went for a very chilled vibe, more spacey I guess in some aspects still done on my epiphone goth les paul though I am looking at 7 strings once I get money, what do people recommend for this kinda stuff At The Edge of the AtmoSphere...
  4. MikeH

    The Official 'Post Your Youtube Vids' Thread (Post your covers here)

    Well many people were discussing that we should have a youtube thread. So I figured I'd be proactive and go ahead and make one. Post any videos of your playing here. Not limited to Youtube, but that will more than likely be the main source. Happy posting. :yesway: Here's my shitty...