seymour duncan

  1. GTTK

    Guittek Guitarworks with The Dead in Company

    Third Time's the Charm, really? well, let's see. Guittek is a company from Oulu, Finland. 20 years of experience in Instruments repairs, and building guitars since 2013. Guittek has two lines of instruments. The first line is called LOWBROW SERIES, which are instruments inspired by classic or...
  2. Themistocles

    Duncan Custom SH-5 7 string review

    I wanted a cheap project guitar so I grabbed a nice Jackson JS22-7Q that had a scratch and nabbed a Seymour Duncan Sh-5 "Custom" for 7 strings to drop in (btw SD terrible naming conventions like; Custom, there is also a custom custom, what's next a custom special custom special custom?). It...
  3. S

    Seymour Duncan Pegasus/Sentient issue?

    Hi guys! Few days ago a guitar arrived to me from Mr.Chapman, its the pro modern telecaster. It came with seymour duncan pegasus/sentient pickups. It's a fantastic guitar, but when i turn up the volume completely on the guitar, the low ends are knocking/poping. When the volume knob at around...
  4. V

    Seymour Duncan 7-string covers?

    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a set of SD JB + Jazz for my GRG7221, but would like to get gold covers for them. Looking at SD website, they don't seem to sell them. Any idea where I could obtain suitable covers?
  5. S

    Seymour Duncan P-Rail Bridge - Video Review

    Here's my new video reviewing the P-Rail Bridge pickup I have in my DoodCraft Guitars B2-6 27.7-inch Baritone tuned to drop A#. Man, this pickup is versatile. I have it wired with some pushpots. And with them I can switch between both coils in series, both coils in parallel, P90 coil only and...
  6. Gmork

    The SD twintube Mayhem is awesome!

    Anyone else here ever try em? I was on the fence about selling it but every time i play it i change my mind. Check it out! (Btw ironbird tuned C standard into mayhem pedal, straight into cabsim with eminence swamp thang ir, no EQs or post production on the guitar)
  7. Meldville

    FS Seymour Duncan JB (gold), Jazz (gold), Retribution (7 str)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Seymour Duncan JB (bridge, gold) Jazz (neck, gold) Seymour Duncan Retribution 7 string bridge Modifications (if any): previous owner shortened the lead on the Jazz. It’s about 8 inches long. Accessories (hardshell case etc): each comes with screws...
  8. J

    Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Humbucker sized P90

    I have played a lot of different P90 pickups before but the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90s (they are humbucker sized) seem to be the best of the bunch. In general I find most p90s kind of weak sounding. I also like that the Seymour Duncan’s seem to be silent. The 60 cycle hum on some of these...
  9. V

    Perpetual burn with YJM fury, will it work?

    Hi, I recently ordered an Ibanez RG565, should be here in 2-4 months, and of course I'm already planning changing the pickups. I want this guitar to be my shred guitar. I've been wanting to try the yjm fury (neck) for a while, so that should go in if I eventually change the pickups (which will...
  10. S

    P-Rails in Baritone - What way should Rail be?

    I'm putting set of SD P-Rails in a 27.7 Baritone 6 string build. Its Probably gonna be in Drop F and was wondering what way I should have the rails? I've got a DiMarzio D Sonic in another 27.7 baritone and I remember reading up here its better having the rail towards the bridge forblower...
  11. E

    new pickups for an Ibanez RG270

    Hello, I got a cheap RG270 about a week or two ago but yesterday the pickups stopped working. I changed the strings, messed aroud with it for a while and all was ok. Then I put it a way to get dinner and when I got back it was dead. i've opened the cavity to check and although everything is...
  12. chuggiewuggies

    Ibanez RG421EX Wiring - Help Needed

    Hi, This will be my first time changing pickups so please excuse any stupidity. I had been gathering information and diagrams online, prepared for when I got home to my guitar only to realise the wiring looked nothing like any diagram or tutorial I had seen. My RG421EX (2018 model) has a 5-way...
  13. HeadofaHessian

    Active to Passive Pickups?

    I'm looking at changing out the pickups on my Schecter km6 mk3 hybrid, it currently has fishman's and I want to put Seymour Duncan Jupiter's in it. Will I have to get a new volume pot, 3 way selector and input jack? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. S

    Active Pickup Shootout

    Like I mentioned in the Fluence Thread: I was bored and I had some actives at home, so i tested them out. Everybody can upload something if they want to So on this comparison i used the Neural DSP Omega plugin and Reaper as my DAW. Nothing post processed. I only adjusted the input volumes for...
  15. S

    Pegasus, Nazgul, or Titan

    I'm trying to decide which of these pickups to put in my 7 string. after a nightmare with EMG customer support and troubleshooting, The 707s that I'd ordered from them were duds so those I sent back to them. So I got my money back and now I need Pickups in my empty guitar. As the title suggests...
  16. zimbloth

    Ibanez LACS RGA 7-String Dino Cazares

    I usually keep it humble and rarely share my personal guitars, but this one was just too cool not to. This is easily the finest Ibanez I've ever laid my hands on. And I've owned it all, including about 10 LACS artist guitars. The new Seymour Duncan "Machete" pickup sounds badass as well! This...
  17. nerozume

    NGD - Skervesen Raptor 8 (Classy Djentelman)

    Second Skervesen Raptor 8 topic in short amount of time! While being very impressed with my Raptor 7, I've got GAS for 8 string. Contacted with the team and got this mine Raptor 8. Quick Specs: Mahogany body, walnut top, maple neck/fretboard with 27" loaded with SD Nazgul/Sentient, 4AP...
  18. G

    FS Cilia Guitars CGA 7 - incredible top

    Price - AUD $4000 This guitar was built for me by Australian Luthier Charles Cilia in 2013 if you have ever visited the Cilia Guitars facebook page it is the guitar in the main header image. The body is Mahogany with a Burled Maple top and a custom burst which was actually named after me which...
  19. alessandroarzilli

    Seymour Duncan Invader Vs Solar - Bridge pickup comparison

    Hello locked down friends! I made a comparison video between the Seymour Duncan Invader SH-8B and the Duncan Solar pickups! I liked the Solar more, beucase I found he Invader a little bit too extreme! I used my awesome cheap custom Jackson Dinky JS22-7 and the same set of strings! What do you think?
  20. Decon87

    Need help finding a pickup for my RGA121

    I just picked up an RGA121 from my local Guitar Center the other day that was mint. I went in with no intention of buying anything and as the story goes I saw it hanging up in the "Used" section, took it down and played it, and then made a poor financial decision as I'm sure most of us here are...