1. Taikatatti

    FS /FT Kiesel OM7 (Bare Knuckle Painkillers)

    Selling my beautiful Kiesel Osiris since i barely play 7’s anymore. Hasn’t left my home once, guitar is absolute mint condition, no scraches or any visible wear. Specs: OM7 25.5-27’ scale swamp ash body Roasted maple neck roasted birdseye maple fretboard Luminlay sidedots, black face...
  2. Spyros kleisas

    Problem with tuning stability on a charvel vivaldi

    Hello I am really in to a rat with my one and only 7-string, and I just want to hear opinions other than take it to a luthier (I like to fiddle with my guitars) with my 6 strings never had a problem of setting the up. This one, a charvel vivaldi has a gotoh 510 sevenstring trem and can really...
  3. ConfusingParadise

    Confusing Paradise - Skylla FFO Monuments, Shokran, Northlane

    Hey guys! We wanted to reach out to you because you might like our new song "Skylla". The song is currently featured on a few Spotify paylists aswell. Feel free to give some feedback. We are both playing Ibanez sevenstrings.
  4. M

    NGD: Ibanez RG7420FM 7-string guitar!!!

    (Please forgive any formatting issues, I'm kind of new here.) One month and two days ago, my favorite guitar that I've had for nearly eight years was stolen out of my car. It was a Douglas Hadron 725. So, I needed a new 'beater' 7-string, and after looking around, I finally settled on a used...
  5. lewstherin006

    NGD: Blackat Feral DC 7 String in ROSSO FUOCO Red!

    GOt myself a Blackat 7 String. Lets run down some specs: Body Shape: DC - Classic Doublecut Body Wood: Euro Ash Bevels: Cutaway Scale Length: 26.25" Neck Wood: Maple with wenge stripes Headstock shape: Ninja Tuners: Open Gear Hipshot locking Pickups: Fishman Fluence Bridge pickup / Set: Keith...
  6. Chamberlain G.

    Agile vs. Schecter

    I'm about to purchase a new 7-string and I'm stuck between these two guitars. The Agile I'm looking at comes stock with Cepheus Passive 7 pickups. I think the Schecter Diamond Series 7-strings come stock with EMGs. I play a lot of Deathcore and am looking for something that will play and sound...
  7. shanike


    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: EBMM JP12-7 Ball Family Reserve Alder body Onyx finish Maple top Mahogany tone block 25.5" Scale select mahogany neck Ebony fretboard Stainless Steel frets DiMarzio Liquifire humbucking neck pickup BKP Juggernaut bridge pickup coil split 3-Way...
  8. Addie5150

    Bhayanak Maut - Shoreline (New single) Metal from Mumbai

    Hey guys We put out our new single today Do give it a spin If you like it do check out some of our other recent releases Mixed & Mastered by Keshav Dhar
  9. F

    Hungarian Luthier /Boldogh Guitars

    Hi Everyone! I'd like to recommend you a great hungarian Luthier. His name is Csaba Boldogh. If you dont know him yet, you can find him on facebook as Boldogh Guitars. He mostly makes bass guitars , but he also does electric guitars too. A year ago he made me an extended range seven string...
  10. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Tartarus Run - Limited Spots for 6 & 7 string

    Limited to 6 slots each! Price will be $1399 for the 6 and $1499 for the 7. Price includes the hardshell case. Please vote for which finish at the top of this thread! Build time would be 4-5 months. Shipping would be calculated at checkout but International shipping is usually a flat $150...
  11. F

    Seven String pick ups

    Hey guys, so I got this seven string guitar and was wondering if some of you could help with a pick-up situation I have. I got a seven string Charvel San Dimas style 2 and the body is made up of ash wood and the neck is made out of Maple. My situation is that the guitar sounds too muddy and...
  12. _Mick_

    I Finally did it. NGD - UV7BK

    I finally acquired one of my favourite sevenstrings ever made. Long story incoming. In my home town a good friend had a SUPER MINT Green Dot and was never really into sevens. I told him if he ever wanted to sell it, I would drop literally everything and buy it. He sold it without telling me...
  13. zimbloth

    ESP Custom Shop Brian "Head" Welch SH-7 Guitar

    Hey guys. I don't post much of my stuff on here anymore with life and work being so busy, but I thought I'd share this really cool piece I snagged recently. This is the hand-crafted, ESP custom shop version of the LTD SH-7 ET guitar. I have a few sick CS Horizon 7s in my collections that are all...
  14. _Mick_

    NGD - UV7PWH - None of this Premium stuff

    Hey guys! I've been searching for one of these for a long time, and in Australia they just don't pop up as much as I wish they would. But anyway. Wall of text inbound I have finally scored myself a 1991 Ibanez Universe UV7PWH. Absolutely stoked with this one. It came in not so wonderful...
  15. Pimiboj

    7 String Pale Moon Ebony Guitar Build

    Alright, this is my first thread on here. After looking a build threads for a long time I decided that I have to make my own contribution by keeping a build log for my next guitar. This will be the second guitar I've ever built so take it easy on me :) the first one was a neck through...
  16. T

    D-Activator/Pegasus/Other for JS22-7 (Bridge)

    Hi folks! So I'm thinking of upgrading my cheap JS22-7 a bit, since apparently the stock pickups are a bit microphonic and I can't control them very well. I have to say the pickup choice is appaling in its diversity! I'm thinking only the bridge pickup, but also accept suggestions for neck: -...
  17. Simic

    FT Rusti Koa 7 string

    Hey, I'm putting this up to see what else is out there because I foolishly ordered a 7 string while I mostly play 6 strings and this one has been hanging on my wall pretty much since I received it. It's half a year old, 10/10 condition, hasn't been played more than a couple of hours in my home...
  18. Leviathus

    Why are sticky's locked in "Sevenstring Guitars" ?

    It's been like this for a while, did something happen that i'm unaware of or is it just a mistake?
  19. A

    Chords, voicings and stuff

    Hey guys! I just bought a 7 string, i wonder if you can recommend me complex chords, dissonant chords which i can fit in between breakdowns, chord voicings, dissonant chord voicings and other cool stuff. I like this modern-metal, metalcore, djent, prog stuff. I play in drop A. Thanx:D
  20. D

    Is .064 Gauge good enough for Drop E?

    So I've been wondering lately if I can use D'Addario NYXL set from .011 - .064 gauges and if they can go down to Drop E and still sound good and clear. I use a JBM27 Ibanez and been using a Ernie Ball 8 string set .013 - .074 gauges but the highest tuning I can get is Drop F. I usually play from...