1. BlueTrident

    Schecter John Browne signature?

    I came across this video from John Browne’s Riffhard channel where they recently posted a playthrough video. Only the thing is, he’s not playing his Mayones signature but a Schecter that looks a lot like his Duvell signature… Looks like Schecter is swinging hard in the prog genre…
  2. Edika

    NGD Schecter Banshee 6

    Potato phone pics first and words later. As you saw from the title, this is the Schecter Banshee that came out about 9 years ago, in 2013 if I remember correctly. Let me preface that I had no plan of buying another guitar, as I recently acquired a Jackson DK7M. But as I was scrolling...
  3. HeadofaHessian

    Active to Passive Pickups?

    I'm looking at changing out the pickups on my Schecter km6 mk3 hybrid, it currently has fishman's and I want to put Seymour Duncan Jupiter's in it. Will I have to get a new volume pot, 3 way selector and input jack? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thomas Mims

    Modding my Km7 bridge

    First time poster here and if it gets tossed I apologize. I’m a brand new owner of a Schecter KM7 mk iii standard and it is my favorite guitar and it feels like it actually gonna stay on my collection (been through 10 guitars this year on my search for the best 7) I love missing my guitars but...
  5. M

    Wizard necks vs Schecter necks?

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a new guitar, and even though I'm used to Ibanez Wizard necks, some Schecter models have very appealing specs, for instance the C-1 Apocalypse. What I'm concerned about is the neck, and whether I'll like it at all. Does anyone have experience with the thin C necks from...
  6. Chamberlain G.

    Agile vs. Schecter

    I'm about to purchase a new 7-string and I'm stuck between these two guitars. The Agile I'm looking at comes stock with Cepheus Passive 7 pickups. I think the Schecter Diamond Series 7-strings come stock with EMGs. I play a lot of Deathcore and am looking for something that will play and sound...
  7. Kirill5412

    Schecter KM-7 || Demo

    Hello guys! Check out my new video :) Thanks for watching! More interesting stuff will be coming soon Country of Origin: South Korea Body Material: Swamp Ash Top Material: Flamed Maple Fretboard: Ebony Neck Material: Maple 3-pc w/ Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Rods Scale: 26.5” (673mm) Bridge...
  8. Kirill5412

    Schecter Blackjack C-8 || EZmix: Fredrik Thordendal Tones

    Hello guys! Check out my new video :) Thanks for watching! Country: South Korea (2014) Body: Mahogany Neck: Maple with Ebony Scale: 28” (711mm) Pickups: Seymour Duncan Nazgul (Bridge) & Sentient (Neck) Signal Chain: Schecter Blackjack C-8 - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 new DAW: Logic Pro X...
  9. grantcooper2

    FS 2017 Schecter USA Custom Shop Nick Johnston Traditional Atomic Green (CANADA)

    Brief & Accurate Description: 2017 Schecter USA Custom Shop Nick Johnston Traditional in Atomic Green. Like new with just one minor ding. Barely played! CONSTRUCTION ALDER BODY CONTOURED 4-BOLT WENGE NECK MACASSAR EBONY FINGERBOARD 22 JESCAR PREMIUM GERMAN SILVER FRETS (6100 EQUIVALENT) GOLD...
  10. Niyoh

    Guitar Playthrough: Niyoh - Yonder Places

    Hey Guys! Yonder Places is now on Youtube and Bandcamp! Check it out :3 //
  11. M

    Expensive or affordable guitars.

    I own expensive and not so expensive gear. Out of my experience, when it comes down to tone, you can compare the qualities across different guitars. As far as feel goes, it's a completely different world. What do you guys think?
  12. E

    How do I route a noise gate through my Pod HD Pro X?

    Hello, I have been fondling with my amp way too much and need help. I have a 5150 3, Vader 4x12 with eminence legends cab, JFL7 Schecter, Line 6 Pod HD Pro X and a ISP prorack noisegate. I want to be able to use the ISP noise gate instead of the Line 6 gates, but I also want to somehow run the...
  13. Grizz2k6

    Lost in this setup

    Good morning everyone. I just recently picked up a Schecter C-8 Blackjack as my first 8-string but I'm completely lost on setting it up. I gauged up the strings to 11-85 and tuned down a full step (EADGCFAD) but the E, A, and D strings all have horrible fret buzz open and up to the fourth fret...
  14. F

    /FT Schechter A-7 Avenger UPGRAYDED!

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Schechter A-7 Diamond Series; Body: mahogany; Neck: bolt-on, maple/rosewood; Scale: 25.5", 24 jumbo frets; Finish: satin black; Tuners: Grover; Bridge: string-through-body, fixed. Other: I am the original owner; other than a few superficial...