1. Lukhas

    Can a pickup's south finish be the main Hot?

    Hello, I'm reusing parts for a guitar and as such, I'm trying to wire a pair of Roswell HAF pickups onto an Ibanez 3SWLSC switch. I need a simple sanity check: the main out for those pickups is the green wire; however it's pretty clearly stated on the product page that it's an End and not a...
  2. Church2224

    Jackson/Charvel Owners Club

    We got Ibanez, Carvin and Music man having their own clubs and threads going on here. Now let's post the pics of us proud Jackson owners! My Soloist, favorite guitar I own, love it more then even my Carvins- Jackson SL2H Soloist pictures by church2224 - Photobucket
  3. manu80

    /FT Jackson Roswell MIJ (EU)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar : Jackson Roswell Guitar, Made in japan. Intalled Locking tuners (2 tuners were falling apart when it arrived), Seymour Duncan Distortion with cover added, including original case. Some dings, especially on the body side and one behind the neck (see...
  4. A

    Jackson JS22-7 Dinky -- HELP (neck profiles)

    I got some cash to spend and was thinking about buying this guitar used. There's one at a Guitar Center in-state for 120$, but I don't feel like driving 3 hours just to try it out. So I figured I'd post on here, see what people have to say, and if I feel confident about buying it, they'd just...
  5. The Echthros

    It aint no Delta Wing...Gary Kramer Kramertorium

    this i quite possibly the single coolest v style guitar next to the roswell. whats so weird is in doodling dream custom guitars ive come up with something like it in the past. now its been materialized! there isnt much info on this guitar, but at least 2 have been made and one of them in the...