1. Roberto Djentz

    Anybody wanna record a solo over a song I'm struggling to complete?

    Just looking for inspiration and help with a track that I'm stumped on, I can't seem to figure out what to put in the clean/bass spot. I kinda imagine a Plini/intervals/Sithu style shred... But I also kinda suck at guitar 😅😩 Here is the track (unfinished) for a general idea. Anyone and...
  2. Joshua Woodard

    Looking for a Punk Rock Vocalist! Needing Quick turn around

    In search of a punk-rock vocalist. Working on an EP. Uploading on United Masters and can split royalties. Date of released determined on vocals. Email: [email protected]
  3. J

    Been to long... 6 yrs since last login.. 30 seconds of Shred to say Hi.!.

    HI Yall... Like many of you it seems to be an art of reKickStarting the Musical Engine every now and then and giving the whole proper promotion of ones musical career and endeavours a good go. Going to be doing my best to share consistently the music I think you all will find surprisingly...
  4. S

    New Kemper Profiles

    Hey fellow Kemper users! My name is Taven and I'm a product specialist for KIT Plugins- an audio software company specializing in plugins and sample libraries. We recently teamed up with John McBride and Blackbird Studio in Nashville,TN to create the Blackbird High Gain Kemper Profile Pack...
  5. M

    PAF Pro vs Fusion Edge

    Hey, A guitar I am considering uses DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups from factory. My Jem has vintage PAF Pro's. I was just wondering, does anyone know how they compare? I mainly play rock/metal.
  6. K

    Looking to "strattify" my guitars, pickup advice needed

    Hey all! So I've been a part of a band for a few years now and finally we're at the point where we'll start releasing material and looking at venues to play at. My guitar history is very metal and I've been playing solely 7-string guitars for two decades and 6-string instruments just don't feel...
  7. G

    Say I wanted to learn how to write rock fusion...

    I've been browsing the interwebs for a while trying to find a book, pdf., course that teaches from the ground up how to play rock fusion, or fusion for that matter, on the style of Greg Howe, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, among other prime examples of the style... So far I've encountered...
  8. A

    I Will Help You Write Your Song For Free

    If you are an artist or band that wishes to take their songwriting and songs to the next level, I am here to help. All genres welcome. Free of charge, I will help you and your band write a song. Whether it be a based off an idea or a new song from scratch, I will work closely with you to make...
  9. A

    Lamb of God - Laid to Rest | instrumental / guitar cover

    Rate my mix and playing! Guitars are a bit louder since this is mainly a guitar cover Signal chain: ESP Eclipse Fulltone OCD Fender EVH 5150 III 50w Preamp out to Fredman Catharsis and GuitarHack's impulse responses Drums: Superior Drummer 2, Metal Foundry expansion Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian
  10. shredder3386

    Happy New Year! Finally released my EP, let me know what ya think!

    Hey guys, Hope your holidays were great! At the risk of invading your newsfeed with something a little self-serving (sorry in advance) just wanted to say I’ve finally released my EP! I’ve posted a few singles in the past, but would love your opinion of the whole work! A lot of blood, sweat, and...
  11. Cesarguitar

    CG Project - She's The Danger (First single of my first album!)

    Hi everyone, i want to share with you guys the first video of my upcoming first album "Running in Circles" The album is an instrumental record and has a lot of rock fusion, jazz fusion, blues rock, traditional jazz and prog rock. Sadly i didn't use a seven string in the album lol. I hope you...
  12. RobertVII

    roast me on my mix please!

    Looking for some feedback on a mix I recently made. Any advice y'all have will be greatly appreciated! Link to song
  13. Kirill5412

    Sentinel Kit || PANDA SOUND || Mixing Tutorial

    Hello guys! Today we are checking out a drum library which is called Sentinel Kit by Panda Sound :) BUY: Announcement Video: THANKS FOR WATCHING!
  14. Guitarmiester

    New EP by Are We Ghosts

    I'm proud to present an EP I've been working on with my friend for about a year now. These five songs have been recorded, mixed and mastered at different points throughout the year so there's some variation in mixes after the 1st two tracks. I would have liked to go back and re-mix the last 3...
  15. I

    A new thing. As always continuing to just try and improve in all areas all at once.
  16. I

    Just started my (non-metal) solo project - Check it out!

    I've been on SS forums for a while and have always enjoyed the community here, so I thought it'd be a good place to post my tunes! I've posted a lot of metal here in the past but I'm sort of starting to move in a new direction. Hope ya'll enjoy. This is the first song I've uploaded, but it...
  17. WhiteWolf25

    Awesome Prog-Rock backing track

    Hey guys, I was just riffing out the other day and created a backing track out of that session. Please enjoy the track and have fun playing some tasty solos over it!!
  18. Sdrizis89

    New Song, need Vocals (Kemper, Horizon Devices, Steven Slate Drums)

    First, I'd love some critique on this track and the tone. It's got some surf rock vibes in the beginning (completely unintentional but I dig it). Chromatic and heavy. Any vocalists want to track something for this? I'm hoping to get a new project in the works. Download...
  19. WhiteWolf25

    Modern Rock Backing Track

    Hey dudes, I wanted to share my newest backing track with you! It's a little more heavy sounding rock track. Jam on!
  20. Kirill5412

    Music Man JP12 BFR 7 || New Single 2017

    Hello guys! This is one of the tracks from my upcoming EP :) Hope you enjoy it _______________________________________________ Signal Chain: Music Man JP12 BFR 7 - Line 6 POD HD Pro DAW: Logic Pro X Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X Сamera: Canon 60D + EF 50mm f/1.4 ⚠️ Available for...