1. D

    NGD Rusti Guitars Lotus #1 headless

    Dear forum members, so far I used this forum only to inform myself about experiences on guitars / companies / builders. Today I decided to post this and it was not an easy decision for me. However, I wanted to provide some information to other members here myself instead of only "taking". In...
  2. Themistocles

    Duncan Custom SH-5 7 string review

    I wanted a cheap project guitar so I grabbed a nice Jackson JS22-7Q that had a scratch and nabbed a Seymour Duncan Sh-5 "Custom" for 7 strings to drop in (btw SD terrible naming conventions like; Custom, there is also a custom custom, what's next a custom special custom special custom?). It...
  3. S

    Seymour Duncan P-Rail Bridge - Video Review

    Here's my new video reviewing the P-Rail Bridge pickup I have in my DoodCraft Guitars B2-6 27.7-inch Baritone tuned to drop A#. Man, this pickup is versatile. I have it wired with some pushpots. And with them I can switch between both coils in series, both coils in parallel, P90 coil only and...
  4. Jackillin

    Cort KX508 MS - Any good?

    Hi guys, Still on the hunt for a mid-range priced 8-string. I keep coming back to this - Cort KX508MS...price seems good, its multi-scale which i want, got Fishman Fluence which I've never tried but heard so many good things about them, i like the look & colour too. The scale length is longer...
  5. alessandroarzilli

    MetalTune Music British IR Pack 2 - Laney's tone directly from Spain!

    Hola metal maniacs! Just published my review and tone test for the MetalTune Music's British IR Pack 2! Such a great collection of Laney's heavy impulses perfect for your home studio, captured with 4 different microphones! Ever tried them?
  6. alessandroarzilli

    Neural DSP Soldano SLO-100 - Legendary snakeskin guitar tone!

    Hey people, whats'up? As everybody else in the business, I made my own review and tone test for Neural DSP's latest amp sim VST plugin, the Soldano SLO-100! Needless to say, this thing sounds legendary! And the snakeskin looks soooo 80's! Ever tried it?
  7. Massive Sound Productions

    (NGD) Arda Guitars - Custom build based on own design and using own woods

    Hi everyone and happy new guitar day! My custom from Arda Guitars finally arrived at my place and I wanted to share this special and extremely exciting moment with all of you. What makes this guitar build in particular so special to me is that this is not only the first guitar ever where I did...
  8. J

    NGD; Valravn Guitars 7 string/Valravn guitars review

    Hello everyone. For anyone who doesn't know (probably most people) Valravn is a ukraine based custom shop specializing in headless guitars, as they only started opereration early last year there aren't any reviews from owners of their guitars who aren't close friends of the owner, so, as...
  9. alessandroarzilli

    Seacow Cabs Audio Assault AHM 412 IR Pack - The Valhalla of the modern brown sound!

    Just published my review of the Audio Assault MX and Seacow Cabs AHM 412 IR Pack! These impulses are the real Valhalla of the modern brown guitar sound! Check their pages and websites for the latest releases!
  10. alessandroarzilli

    Dophix Lussuria - Extremely versatile overdrive pedal made in Italy

    Hello everyone! I've been very lucky to have the chance to test and review an awesome overdrive pedal, the Lussuria by Dophix, completely hand-made in Italy!
  11. alessandroarzilli

    Dophix Dante - Very dynamic overdrive pedal made in Italy

    This is my review video and tone test of the Dante overdrive pedal by Dophix. Very dynamic guitar tones made in Italy!
  12. S

    [VIDEO REVIEW] Audio Assault's ReAmp Studio Amp Sim Suite

    I got to test out Audio Assault's new ReAmp Studio suite. It's pretty cool. I tested out building a sort of Modern Metal Hi-Gain tone with it. You can check it out in this video. I used my Stagemaster 7 Baritone tuned to Drop F. It worked pretty well with the low tunings. Didn't need to use too...
  13. RandomRob_311

    [NGD] XTN Hägglmoo 7 string (X-Style Headless)

    Hey guys, This will be a pretty long review so I put the conclusion up front :D Conclusion: do you ever had a guitar that got you on first sight? The first time I saw this beauty I knew "this is your guitar!" For a overall price of 1500€ i would rate this guitar a 8,5 out of 10. There are...
  14. S

    [VIDEO REVIEW] Brainworx's RockerGain 100 Amp Sim

    [VIDEO REVIEW] Here's my review on the new amp sim from Brainworx, the RockerGain100. Which is clearly an emulation of the Orange Rockerverb 100 Watt amp. You can really get some nice dirty sounds out of it. I used the Ibanez RGIB6 tuned to Drop Bb, And there's a good selection of IR's included...
  15. alessandroarzilli

    Nembrini Cali Reverb - Modern high gain amp sim VST plugin

    Hello people! Just published my own review and tone test of the awesome CALI REVERB amp sim VST plugin by NEMBRINI AUDIO! Very powerful modern high gain plugin for rock and metal! Ever tried it? 00:00 Quick song intro 00:49 Background and user interface 01:40 Signal and FX chain 01:50 Live...
  16. alessandroarzilli

    Audiority Pedalboard Distortions Bundle - Vintage and heavy guitar tones!

    Ciao everybody! I had the pleasure to test and review the Pedalboard: Distortions Bundle 1.1 by Audiority and it was an amazing experience! Four different analog modeled pedals for a vintage distortion guitar tone! Ever tried them? 00:00 Quick intro test 00:45 Some informations 01:18 Signal...
  17. S

    [VIDEO REVIEW] Fortin Cali with low Tuned 7-string Baritone

    I've put up a new video review on Neural DSP's new Fortin Cali amp. Its a pretty awesome amp. Its got 3 channels, and it can go quite heavy! Typical of Fortin amps. I used my Stagemaster 7 Bari tuned down Drop F and tested out the plugin with low tunings. There's a 14-day trial so test it out as...
  18. S

    [VIDEO] Fluff’s new FREE Amp Sim

    Have you guys seen and tried out Fluff (from Riffs, Beards and Gear YT Channel) new FREE Amp Sim. It’s modeled after his EVH 5150 EL34 and it sounds pretty damn amazing. I’ve done a quick video review of it. I used my Squier Stagemaster with a custom Baritone 28-inch neck tuned to Drop F. And...
  19. alessandroarzilli

    Neural DSP Fortin Nameless Suite 3 - Best amp sim for djent?

    Hello everybody! This is my review and tone test of the Nameless Suite v3 by Neural DSP! This version is absolutely killer sounding, perfect for djent and every metal genre! Ever tried it?
  20. alessandroarzilli

    Neural DSP Archetype Plini 2 - Even better than before!

    Hello everyone! Just published my own review of Archetype Plini v2 by Neural DSP! They made it sound even better, perfect for metal, fusion and prog rock! Ever tried it? I'm in love with this one!