1. Emperor Guillotine

    FS Strictly 7 (S7G) AK7 Prototype B (built for Acle Kahney of TesseracT)

    DESCRIPTION: Custom Strictly 7 Cobra built for Acle Kahney of TesseracT. This was meant to be a prototype for Acle’s "AK7" signature model that was never actualized by S7G. Specs: • Swamp ash body wings • Body finish: matte black over red-filled grain with a satin finish • 27.5” scale length...
  2. KhzDonut

    Neodymium, Variable Interstice Pickup Build (With Video)

    So I've been working on this project off and on for a couple years now (life has had a tendency of getting in the way) But I'm finally getting it dialed in to where I think I'm achieving the goals set forth. So here's a bit of a walkthrough of the current process, and a video demo of the...
  3. jacob17

    Washburn Parallaxe 8 string [prototype]

    Hi guys! The instrument I'm talking about is an 8 string prototype of Parallaxe and as far as I know - only one like that ever made. I have never played it much since I barely played an 8 string, but when I did, I was mostly using the Strandberg 8 which kinda stole my heart. I guess it's...
  4. KhzDonut

    Ulti-Coil Prototype - Wal-Style Pickup For Guitar

    My background is 50% guitar & 50% bass, more or less. My first instrument was a bass, and shortly after had to play both for recording purposes. I'm a big Tool fan, and Justin Chancellor has always been a big influence as a bassist. Consequently, I have more than a passing interest in Wal...
  5. Musza

    S7G Acle Kahney 7 B-Prototype (TesseracT)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: for sale is a one of a kind, very special guitar from S7 Guitars. It was made for Acle Kahney from TesseracT and there were only 4 (or even only 2) of them made in the end. Great guitar with interesting neck shape. Spec: CONSTRUCTION: Neck through...
  6. J

    Watch me build a prototype over spring break!

    Hello everyone! After some discussion on another part of this forum, it seems that people are sick of strats and tele's and motivated me to go ahead and bring my original body shape into a reality. I was going to build an LP over the break, but you guys helped change my mind. I'll still be...
  7. capoeiraesp

    Aussie made gear playthrough video

    I had some queries from folks about the MI Amplification Megalith Gamma, so what better way to demo it than with another fantastic Aussie made piece of gear. Pity about the guitarist though...
  8. HighGain510

    I really HAVE been slacking! Thorn Deluxe 90 Proto # 8 is here, outdoor pics!

    Ugh yeah I really HAVE dropped the ball on NGD threads for all the toys around here, eh?! :rofl: I won't post the whole album but since I never did a proper NGD thread outside of the build thread in the proper section, I did snap some shots of Thorn Deluxe 90 Proto # 8 (or "Goldie" as she's...
  9. tommychains

    The "Prototype" Gibson Moderne...What's everyone's take?

    I always wondered if this guitar ever did exist. Many call it the "Bigfoot of the Guitar World"' with no real record of its existance. This raises many questions, unfortunately not many answers. So i turn to the SS community for your takes on this legendary guitar. Here are some facts i do...
  10. Wretched

    Original 1985 Parker Prototype

    Couldn't find any other reference to this in here, but another rare beast has surfaced in Australia: allegedly the first prototype of the Parker Fly, with documentation and everything... Parker Fly original hand made prototype 1985 | eBay $19,000 is a bit much, though!
  11. Wretched

    Ibanez history or faker?

    Wonder if this 'prototype maxxas' is legit. Would be a pretty cool wall decoration if it is: Ibanez "Maxxas" Prototype semi acoustic Mahogany shell | eBay
  12. technomancer

    KxK Single Cut SC7 Prototype In Stock - New Design

    The prototype for the new KxK single cut design is done and in stock More pics and purchase info here: Guitars in stock 25.5" scale Mahogany neck thru Mahogany body 16" radius Ebony fretboard Tone Pros bridge-string thru Sperzel locking tuners Seymour Duncan Custom 7/Jazz 7 Dunlop dual...
  13. SPBY

    Prototype RGT 328!

    EDIT: FAKE STORY IS FAKE It's a mock-up Neck Material: 5pc Maple/ Wenge Neck-Thru Neck Type: Super Wizard-8 Prestige (27") Body: Alder Wings/Quilted Maple Drop Top Frets: Jumbo frets Fingerboard: Ebony (Can you believe it???) Inlay: None, Side Dots Only Bridge: ZRIII-8 NeckPU: EMG® 808...