1. Cold Embrace Prod

    Music production studio looking for your tracks !

    Hi my name is Adrien. I am launching an amateur musing production studio. I would like to train myself and I need you. The idea is you share your music projects (even better if it's reaper) or your tracks and I will mix them for free. You get you songs...
  2. Tjore

    The GOAT of metal drum samples (HYPE)

    Just tested out Mixwave: Gojira, and guys, these are the BEST mix ready metal drums I've ever come accross. Check the demo at the top! ^ I tweaked a little bit in the UI, added a quick EQ and a compressor (Softube's FET) on the bus, and that's it. It sounds sick! If you have been lookin at...
  3. broj15

    Hardware synth/DAW-less electronic music production

    Definitely not this forums forte, but since this is one of the better online music forums I thought I'd see if there was any interest in the topic on here. Wasn't even sure if this should go in the gear sub or the production sub so if mods wanna move it (or delete because this isn't relating to...
  4. Sdrizis89

    New Mix/Song for my band The Illusory Self

    Recently released my latest mix and I am very proud of it. I’m fairly new to mixing and have definitely seen big improvements over the last year. Here is the final mix for //FUMES// by my band The Illusory Self. we also have a guitar playthrough on YouTube for this one. I used my Mayones Duvell...
  5. S

    Baritone tuned to Double Drop Db - Processing Tips and Tricks?

    I have a Squier Baritone with a 30-inch scale that I have tuned down to Double Drop Db with a set of 20-90 strings on. I have recorded the guitar into my DAW and have used the following amp modelling and processing: I have a Peavey 6505 Amp head with an Orange 4 x 12 Cab. There's a SM57 mic on...
  6. Christopher Har V

    Seeking Constructive Criticism on my Mix: SELF-PRODUCED INSTRUMENTAL PROG METAL EP

    My bedroom studio is modest, and I know my limits. However, I am working with some noteworthy gear, such as Superior Drummer 2.0 w/Prog Foundry, a Royer 121 microphone, a pair of UA TwinFinity preamps, Mesa Boogie amplification, very good GK acoustic treatment & isolation for tracking, some...
  7. Christopher Beattie

    Prog Rock/Metal Mix Feedback Wanted!

    Hey guys, I wanted to get some feedback on the mix for one of my songs. It's a bit more mellow than what I usually write but this is pretty much where I am with production. I used Jason Richardson's Toneforge for the guitars, Superior Drummer 2 with Metal Machine and Metal Foundry for the...
  8. thoughtpyotr

    Ethics in Promotion?

    So I recently did a fuax social experiment. I created 2 identical posts; one had a relevant title and the other had a title with a purposely incendiary title. I tallied the amount of responses for each and guess what? Tepid Title: 0 responses Incendiary Title: 47 responses I did this to...
  9. P

    Best Budget Progressive metal tone?

    Hey guys, So ive been using Bias FX for the last few months with a focusrite scarlet 2i2, and it has been rather difficult to find good tones, There are a few, but I still find it difficult to find many tones that I need, now i dont know if this is because I dont have the pro version (Which...
  10. G

    What would you like to learn? (recommendations))

    Hey fellows. Some time since I've written a post here, but still lurking in here as always of course :). I was wondering what you people might find interesting/in need of in terms of lessons? I will shortly begin to make as much content as regularly as possible on Youtube, but although I have...
  11. Decon87

    How do the Ormsby production models compare?

    Hey there guys. I'm in the market for a new guitar and a really nice looking Ormsby HypeGTR caught my eye. These things seem to be absolutely gorgeous with the specs I'm looking for at a pretty reasonable cost, which is causing me to be a bit skeptical. How do they compare to say an Ibanez...
  12. Depraved

    Bands with very wide/full guitars

    I'm looking for recommendations of bands who's guitars sound super wide and heavy, similar to Diamond Eyes by Deftones and TL/TD by Sworn In
  13. Depraved

    Other good forums?

    Does anyone know any other forums that are good with members that give reliable advice? Along the lines of production, electronic music, keyboard and MIDI instruments, and sampling?
  14. M

    Music lessons on YouTube!

    Wassup guys! Just thought i'd leave my YouTube channel here, I have different lessons on here that you might like. Check it out!
  15. allshallperishfan

    Entities Bass Tone Can someone please help me try to figure out how to get a bass tone like this? It seems to be insanely low without any low mids, is that correct? Any ideas?
  16. R

    Exporting S2.0 Drums to audio tracks

    It's all in the title. I just want to convert the midi-to-audio from each 'mic' in superior to individual tracks to send to a friend to have them mixed. Thanks:)
  17. AxelvonKreon

    Post-hardcore cover of This Wild Life's song History

    Me and my boys made a cover of This Wild Life's song "History" and I did the producing. We used my pod hd pro, shure sm7b for vocals and sd2 and a free snare sample for the drums. Let me know what you guys think about the sound/song whatever :)...
  18. asetic

    Any musicians here from Vancouver?

    Any musicians here from Vancouver? Just curious if anyone from here actually goes on these forums. (Devy you don't count)
  19. Finalformsora3

    Ormsby Guitars: "GTR run" (Possibility for lefties!!!)

    So Perry and a few others folks in general and a few lefties and myself, were discussing a little about a run of Ormsby's new production line of guitars being made in the works! These guitars/designs are being discussed within the Ormsby guitars group! (The SXGTR and HypeGTR). Also, if you are...
  20. R

    Review my mix? Ambient Progressive Metal from India

    This is my first post ever on, so allow me to introduce myself with a track I've been working on :) Guitars -> Guitar Rig 5 Drums -> EZDrummer Metal Machine This is my first attempt at production, so feedback from...

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