1. gale_lega

    Hesperian Death Horse - 'Živ' (2018, Avant-garde/Post-metal/Sludge)

    Avant-garde/sludge/post-metal band playing in Zagreb, Croatia since 2012. Hesperian Death Horse is a narrator of psychedelic, nihilistic poetry that sings a saga of the birth, life and death of every being, each stage envisioned as a separate album forming a trilogy, after which, the band will...
  2. vladimirlehtinen

    Check out production.

    Hello, guys! Tell me what you think about production and mixing of this track. Will really appreciate constructive criticism.
  3. V

    Lila - The Stream: No guitars, Bass only: FFO - MBV, Isis, Melvins

    'Sup guys I'm working on a album over my 6 week break away from school and I've been meaning to do some more shoegazey stuff so this is it. No guitars just 3 tracks of bass with Ezdrummer as my backing band and very light vocals, I'm not a big fan of them taking over the song I really want...
  4. U

    Unjustly Labeled Thread

    mod edit: since you're releasing stuff frequently let's put it in this thread Hi everyone, I just released a free EP. Tuned to G#0 standard (10-string tuning). Link here: Unjustly Labeled Written and recorded within two months as an experiment to see if a whole album played in such a low...
  5. matt till

    Looking for new music

    Hey guys. Lookin for some music. I stumbled across uneven structure a couple days ago, and I dig that ambient sound. Any other ambient bands out there I should take a look see? Something that'll take me to space and beyond.
  6. arsenic

    New sludge/ambient track. (lepou, TMF)

    To Halve an Ocean - Seabed Intro WIP by Juan Herrera on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I've been working on a new album with a bit of a sludge/ambient sound lately and here's one of the songs so I've written so far. This is just a pre-production demo, so drums and...
  7. TheSleeper

    Ghost Brigade European tour w/ A Storm of Light + Intronaut

    Until Fear No Longer Defines Us Sorry if repost, didn't find anything through the forum search. Who's going? :metal:
  8. P

    Post-Metal/Doom/Ambient Tone

    I was wondering how to get a great EQ that works well with post-metal type riffs (isis, neurosis, etc) but has clear cleans for ambient tones. i just can't seem to make the bass/mid/treble work for both styles. i've got a ibanez rg7321 plugged into a bugera 1960 tube head/marshall ma412 cab. i...