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    Seymour Duncan P-Rail Bridge - Video Review

    Here's my new video reviewing the P-Rail Bridge pickup I have in my DoodCraft Guitars B2-6 27.7-inch Baritone tuned to drop A#. Man, this pickup is versatile. I have it wired with some pushpots. And with them I can switch between both coils in series, both coils in parallel, P90 coil only and...
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    P-Rails in Baritone - What way should Rail be?

    I'm putting set of SD P-Rails in a 27.7 Baritone 6 string build. Its Probably gonna be in Drop F and was wondering what way I should have the rails? I've got a DiMarzio D Sonic in another 27.7 baritone and I remember reading up here its better having the rail towards the bridge forblower...