1. E

    Schecter help

    Ayo, I know this gets asked to death but need some guidance of the schecter line up Looking for a 7 string mid range £500 Mark, iv aeens the Omen elite/extreme, Damien, and Banshee and unsure to much what the superior models are as I'm aware whats on paper and what's acturlly there in turns of...
  2. O

    Would appreciate some tips for fixing up this Schecter Omen 7

    Hey there! First post on sevenstring, thought this would be a good place to ask. I bought a used Schecter Omen 7 for a minuscule price, simply because it's visually a damn wreck. So, I have some plans for it, but I haven't really delved into this kind of modification before, so I could use any...
  3. J

    Getting ready to make the leap.

    I'm going to move a bit of gear to make way for a 7/8 stringer and hopefully a Pod hd500. My guitar budget is $500 or less. I've played 6 string for 12 years, but never 7 or 8 strings (except at GC). I have tried most of the instruments in my price range (rg7321, 8 string rg [cant remember the...
  4. D

    Eight string and six string

    My friend's six is tuned AEADGB or AEADF#B i can't remember, but my eight is tuned AEADGBEG and we play together, but i want to get the full effect of the eight by tuning it EAEADGBE so you have the low E instead of a high G so it doesn't sound so much like a seven because i'm rarely ever using...
  5. D

    Schecter Omen 8 Wiring Diagram

    Can't seem to find it. My D-Activator 8 should be coming soon. Anyone out there be able to help?
  6. M

    how to know schecter's guitar genuine or fake?

    hi... im going to buy schecter demon 7 soon..ive try it at the strore and its nice..but i feel a bit insecure whether its genuine or not...its made in to identify it? btw this is the serial number N10092299 and i have no idea what are the number stands for..can anyone help...
  7. M

    Schecter demon 6 or demon 7???

    hi all... i need in the process of deciding here...i need opinions from u guys..should i go for schecter demon 6 or demon 7 ???..i really like the design of demon series though..dont tell me about other brands, my interest is only for schecter at the moment..i never use 7string...
  8. S

    Schecter Guitars

    On my never ending tone search, I bought a fair few guitars.. Many of them are Scheter's here are my findings: Note: Test's done on a Mesa Dual, Engl Fireball and Laney Ironheart Schecter Demon 7 I was originally after an 8 string, I bought this at the local shop due to lack of stock. I did...
  9. J

    Schecter Demon 7 vs Schecter Omen Extreme 7

    i don't know what guitar to buy, it's my first 7 string, could you give me a help? And please tell me where i can get them cheap at europe? thanks
  10. C

    First 8 stringer? Help me out :)

    Hi this is my first post on (decided to join after reading many helpful threads from here, you guys seem polite and experienced). Anyway, down to business. Im getting huge GAS for my first 8 string. I can pretty much afford any of the production 8 strings except the RGA2228 so...
  11. MaxOfMetal

    String Tension Super Thread (Got a string question? Post it here!)

    Many questions that often comes up on the boards are those involving string gauge. This thread will help to create a knowledge base of sorts to help guitarists with their string gauge woes. To aid me in creating this, I have chosen to use this string tension calculator: String Guage and...
  12. Pete27

    Greetings from the UK

    hey guys ive actually been a member here for a while, just quietly watching and learning from everyone here. i wanted to save my first post until id lost my 7 string virginity. and, well, that day has come at last. finally got my omen 7 extreme in the post today. ive already seen what a great...
  13. Horizon Whore

    So i FINALLY got a 7!

    so yeh, it was a cheaper 7, advertised at bmusic for 599 marked down from 999 or something, tis a 2004 Model Schecter Omen-7, but get this......its left handed! and thanks to the main man shane at bmusic (great bloke), plays nicely, might swap the pups out for something seymour duncanish soon...
  14. exafro

    Got my first seven about a week ago.

    It's awesome, been playing it non stop. I haven't played a six string since. Its a Schecter Omen 7. Here's a clip of it
  15. MF_Kitten

    My new Schecter Omen 7 Extreme! (pics! lots!)

    ok, so i just wrote a HUGE friggin´post about the guitar, with pics and all, but somehow, it all just disappeared, so instead of writing it all again, i´m gunna condense the info a little :P i was surprised when i first saw the guitar, because i didn´t think it would look THAT stunning...