new music

  1. ChugThisBoy

    Where can I share my music on SSO?

    Hello there, I've been here for quite some time now but I can't find a proper section to put my music on - can anybody help? Thanks
  2. NipplePatang

    Atomic Whimper - The Doom Approach (Debut Album out) Classic inf

    Gargantuan new metal band Atomic Whimper's brand new debut album out now. Come on over and check it out. Pay what you like download!
  3. VisionSwords

    New Album: Vision Swords "Next Awakening"

    Hello, my friend Owen (Frequency Eater) encouraged me to start posting on here; he said it's a community that's pretty receptive to new metal. So I'm here to present my new metal (not nu metal) project Vision Swords. Vision Swords is a new instrumental outfit that could potentially interest...
  4. budda

    A Wilhelm Scream - Lose Your Delusion

    I've waited a long time for this, and it was worth it. So glad I saw them on their last run! Been into this band for more than half my life :yesway:. Who else is checking this out?
  5. chipchappy

    Bloodfactory - Aggression Designed

    Hey all, I put out my project's second album, Aggression Designed, yesterday. Figured I'd share it here as well: Spotify Apple Music Youtube Bandcamp I'm super proud of it, and I hope y'all enjoy. Thanks for checking it out!
  6. MerlinTKD

    My debut EP: Eight. Fold. Path - “Laws of Unintended Consequence”

    As threatened in another thread: my debut EP is now live and available on all digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc), including! :woohoo: It’s a 4 song instrumental album; my intention was to tell the story of strangers fleeing to a new land, the harsh...
  7. budda

    Sparrows "Worship Song" Premiers at Outburn Mag (FFO: ETID, Cave In, Deftones) Massive thanks to the folks at Outburn Magazine for premiering our newest video "Worship Song"! This is probably my favourite track on the...
  8. budda

    Sparrows premier "Fifth Helena Drive" via Exclaim!

    Thanks to our friends at Exclaim! for premiering "Fifth Helena Drive" from our upcoming album "Failed Gods" out Aug 9th! It's been a blast playing this song live on tour :yesway...
  9. budda

    Sparrows premier on Metal Injection I'm very excited and proud to announce the new Sparrows album "Failed Gods" is arriving August 9th on Sound Anxiety...
  10. JoshXR

    8 String Melodic Metal Song: "The Lost, The Cost" by Global Chaos

    Hello! My name is Joshua, and I recently released my first 8 string song. I've posted on this site a few times, but I've mainly been a lurker for years. I am a songwriter, guitarist and small recording studio owner. For years, I've wanted to pursue a solo project where I could...
  11. JejeLaFrite

    Allure of Stellar new EP (FFO: Plini, Widek, STS...)

    Hi guys, after nearly 3 years, I finally released a 2nd EP, 'Decline'. Still in line with 'Azimuths', it does involve a lot more work on the production, as well as more symphonic & orchestral content. The record has been entirely produced in my tiny home studio, and I used my belowed...
  12. Rational Gaze

    WE JUST PUT OUT A NEW EP! About Immortal people getting shot into black holes! COME LISTEN!

    What's up y'all? My band Lithium Dawn just released a new 8 song EP that I'd love to share wit' ya. The title is pretty much what it is, and it's a story continuation of our debut record AION (which is still free on our bandcamp page to check out! :) ). Music is a bit...
  13. Eden

    New Coheed and Cambria

    The new Coheed and Cambria album "Vaxis Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures" drops tomorrow. I hadn't seen any posts about it on here, but damn am I excited for this LP. It marks the return to the Amory Wars Concept and so far every single has been fantastic to me. This isn't the most recent...
  14. axxessdenied

    Critique my electronica song before I release more! thanks :)

    Been working on my Noise Implant project which I ultimately plan to be a mix of auditory and visual stimuli. For now here is the first song I released : "Outcast from grace. I have succumbed to my desires. There is an uncertainty before me as life ebbs and flows. I cannot help but question...
  15. Goatfork

    Nott - The Wretched Sounds

    On 05.25.18 I'll be releasing the The Wretched Sounds, the next album from my solo project Nott. Album artwork by Sigma Visions (formerly Sigma Collective) Pre-orders, merch, and more coming soon. Please Like and Follow Nott on FB and...
  16. AstetikSI

    My band's first single, mixed/mastered by Aure of Uneven Structure

    Check out my band's single from our upcoming Debut EP...would love to hear what everyone thinks. Mixed and mastered by Aure Pereira (previously of Uneven Structure). FFO Gojira, The Contortionist, BTBAM, The Faceless <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay...
  17. Rational Gaze

    New LITHIUM DAWN album! Fans of Porcupine Tree/Tool/Deftones/Riverside/Contortionist!

    What's up y'all. After several years, my band just put out our 3rd album, "Tearing Back the Veil II: Awakening", which completes a concept we have been messing with for awhile. We've worked on this puppy for a long time. It's got all kinds of vibes all over: Dub, some heavy 8 string grooves...
  18. Rational Gaze

    NEW JAM - Come e're for some yuge, atmospheric Deftones-type spank, with melody and groove for days!

    Sup y'all! So I just wanted to share with you my band's latest. We've been putting this together for a damn long time. This song belongs to Part II of our 2 album series (our quasi-psychedelic Tearing Back the Veil), the first of which we put out 2 years ago. We wrote all 22 songs for both...
  19. RLG167

    Any Necrophagist News???

    Has anyone heard anything about new Necrophagist, if they are working on new material, or even where the members are? Last I heard everyone went out of the public light after a tour in 2009 where they played a new song that was supposed to be from the new album. I had also heard a rumor that...
  20. budda

    Sparrows "Let The Silence Stay Where It Was" song premiere (FFO: Thrice, Deftones)

    I'm proud to present to you the premiere track "three four two five three four two five" from our second LP! A lot of hard work went into this record, and I believe the payoff is worth every moment. "Let the Silence Stay Where...