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  1. S

    Feedbacks for Legator N7FP

    Hey Guys, I am planning to buy the Legator N7FP FanFret Multiscale guitar, I have read a lot of comments and articles about the Legator QC issues pre 2020 models. Are the post 2020 models good, with any QC issues? If any of you own a Legator or the N7FP, I would appreciate and love to hear...
  2. Bishwadeep Sikder

    NGD - Markline Custom 7 String Baritone Multiscale

    Received the best guitar I have ever held and played in my life, the Markline Custom 7 Baritone Multiscale, coming all the way from Italy. It has been an absolute joy to work with Marco, the luthier and artist. He is an absolute master at his craft and is definitely one of the best in the world...
  3. zeppelinrock34

    Mayones Setius gtm 7 for Ormsby hype Gtr 7? +Multiscale ?

    I recently traded for a Mayones Setius gtm 7. It's a great guitar but I haven't bonded with it for several reasons: 1. It's too heavy for me 2. I've never been a huge dimarzio person and it's got d-sonic and evo-7, though yes, I could swap them out of course 3. No tone control, it's a 1...
  4. never_2many_strings

    My custom 8 string Barlow Guitars progress log

    Hey everyone! Months ago I decided that I wanted to order a custom guitar. I wound up choosing Barlow Guitars for the build around a month to a month and a half ago, and now I'm getting the first progress pics of it. I thought I mine as well share these pics as the build progresses, as well...
  5. hand amputation

    Replacement pickups for Ibanez RGMS7 Multiscale?

    Just picked up an Ibanez RGMS7 Multiscale. It's a really great guitar (nice neck, solid hardware, great fit & finish) but the pickups are a bit... lacking. I'm wanting to replace the pickups, and I am wondering if there's any options out there that won't break the bank. I did a search on Google...
  6. JoeGuitar717

    Balaguer Guitars - Multiscale Now Available

    We've received requests for Multiscale options over the last year and I'm excited to announce that we are now officially offering a few different fans on all models! Check out the demo here:
  7. Larrikin666

    Ormsby pickup shootout

    Hey guys. Haven't posted much lately. Went and did a shootout on Arnold's page to showcase some of the replacement bridge pickups from Ormsby guitars. We're hoping this helps some people who are constantly tone chasing and want a little more info on these.
  8. Pandaonslaught

    Ormsby Custom Chess TX NAMM show

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ormsby Custom Chess TX NAMM show. Macassar Ebony top on Brazilian Mahogany body (chambered) Rosewood fretboard with ebony, Black Tahitian Pearl, Mother of Pearl, and green stone inlays. Checkerboard binding. Three piece Tasmanian Blackwood neck...
  9. L

    Agile AL-3010SE 2426 Multi-Scale Rootbeer Flame

    Seeing a thread about the evaluation model, I guess not many people like it, I do, thoughts?
  10. I

    Build My Fanned-Fret 8-String!

    Hi guys and gals, I bought an Agile Intrepid Pro Dual 828 30" about 5 years ago via Rondomusic, and it was a great starter 8-string but the neck has since twisted pretty badly (I bought a $50 case from GC, one half of the neck-support collapsed and I think this is eventually what warped the...
  11. I

    Charlie Hunter 8-string Pickups/Modification?

    Hi everyone, This guitar is a f***ing masterpiece and I want to buy it, fit it with .009 - .090 guitar strings and play the living sh** out of it: I've saved up most of the money already. However, I play a very wide range of...
  12. P

    NGD - Ormsby TX Carbon Chernobyl Green

    Ok - I've had this run 2 Ormsby GTR TX Carbon in Chernobyl Green for about 2 weeks. I wanted to give it a full test before posting. 1st - the pics - In the included, fitted case with all the swag in the merch pack! A TX in the Texas sun! SPECS: Construction: Bolt-on Body: Alder 42mm...
  13. Forkface

    Saito Guitars.

    I was prowling the various Japanese guitar websites and found this in ikebe, i thought it seemed interesting. Multiscale with a very particular bridge design. not going to buy it or anything, just wondering if anyobdy had seen them/played them before. Also they're quite expensive. And the...
  14. Chriskanluthier

    Chriskanluthier - *First Fanned Fret Build!*

    Hey there! My name is Chris, I am from Montreal, Canada. I graduated from a luthery school in Quebec where I built 3 guitars (2 classicals and 1 acoustic). A year later, I decided to build myself my first electric guitar. My friend Oremus91 suggested me to show my work-in-progress in this...
  15. rich_chaffins

    The Agape Guitars thread

    Hey all, My name is Rich Chaffins. I'm a luthier from Morgantown, WV, building under the name Agape Guitars (pronounced uh-GAH-pay). I currently have 6 models that I build, and I do custom work as well. Here's a quick overview of some of my instruments. Junia: Astrid...
  16. S

    Monorails positioning on 7-string multiscale

    Hello everyone. I am currently having built a 7 string guitar with scales ranging between 27 and 25 ''. I have noticed that the positioning of the monorails at the bridge does not follow a straight line. As you can see, the forth...
  17. Noveria

    Soon to be NGD (Multiscale 8 from Crowhill Guitars)

    So this forum has influenced my from the tender young age of 15, especial the threads relating to luthiery and custom guitars. Now that I'm 21 and working a stable job I can finally afford a custom guitar like I've been dreaming about. After throwing some specs and getting quotes from many...
  18. Vandante

    First Generation Agile Pendulum

    So this is a thing. Agile Pendulum Gen 1 72527 Flat Black - The pickup positioning seems to be a bit wonky and considering the Agile's current selection of multiscales, I feel that this is a step backwards. However it's fairly cheap at 400USD, so it's got that going for...
  19. Axewield31

    6 string multiscale

    I've been looking into multiscale guitars recently. I'm looking to buy one and have a budget of about $2000AUD, however I'd like to spend less than that if possible. I was originally looking at the Ormsby GTR run, and at the moment that's at the top of my list, however, I'm keen to look at...
  20. The Munk

    For you folks with multiscale interests...

    We've been pretty busy as of late. So, We thought it might be nice to share a taste of some of what has been happening lately. Here are a few multiscale builds. ( Both custom and production models) JUSTIFIER-10-CUSTOM MERUS-7-R-227IN/25.5IN-SENTIENT/NAZGUL-TRANS BLACK...