1. tecs99

    Differences between SSL / Neve consoles?

    Would love to hear a deeper insight on the differences between these 2 console's sound, and what makes them unique to mix on. Are the plugin versions of these consoles any good? Some of my favorite records have been mixed on either one, so, just wondering. Thanks!
  2. Roberto Djentz

    Is it me or does REAPER (DAW) sound muddy/congested/crammed/flat?

    I have been using reaper for about 2 years, chasing tones and mixing over and over. I can't seem to get it to sound crisp/clear without sounding harsh. But the biggest battle is not sounding congested and muddy. I have tried EQing, panning, stereo wideners, compression, etc etc. It just somehow...
  3. ChugThisBoy

    Dark Raven Project - "COMPLETION" New Album 2022

    Hello there! If the section is wrong, please feel free to move the thread or delete it :yesway: The only reason I'm sharing this is because of the amount of hours I spent on this forum already and how much I love it here 💗 This is my latest album called "Completion" and I've been working on...
  4. Fader

    Mixing Metal

    So I have been making videos on how to mix. I am looking to mix a metalcore track. LMK if anyone out there would like me to feature you on the next video. Free of course. Here is an example.
  5. Roberto Djentz

    Best plugin for DOOM/Argent/Cyber Djent? (8 string tones)

    Extremely curious to know if anyone has dabbled in the Mick Gordon DOOM style genre, and if they know of a good amp sim that isn't too grindy/fuzzy/hissy. I've tried dropping the gain on my amp sim (Archetype Petrucci), I've tried different IRs and speaker/mic positions. I just can't seem to get...
  6. Christopher Har V

    Discrepancy on Measurement of LOUDNESS between PLUGIN METER and REAPER

    My instance of YouLean Loudness Meter on my Master Bus reads that I'm peaking @ -0.9dB. But I'm running Pro-L right before it, with the output set at -1.3dB. Nothing should be able to peak louder than that. Yet the final plugin in the chain, YouLean, is reading that my "true peak" is -0.9dB...
  7. Tjore

    The GOAT of metal drum samples (HYPE)

    Just tested out Mixwave: Gojira, and guys, these are the BEST mix ready metal drums I've ever come accross. Check the demo at the top! ^ I tweaked a little bit in the UI, added a quick EQ and a compressor (Softube's FET) on the bus, and that's it. It sounds sick! If you have been lookin at...
  8. A

    Need some recommendations for epic Choir VSTi

    So I`m currently doing some power metal and I need some choir on the background, for choruses especially, but it should be still powerful, not muffled. I tried some free options I have with my plugins (free stuff), and they just sound wrong, like a bunch of amateurs at school concert, whereas I...
  9. Jobam-Martins

    I really need opinions about my tone - (Mixing and mastering my new album)

    Hey! How have You been? I hope You're fine! I started composing and producing my new album. I have many songs to compose as well but I started to create a template for my tones. Can You give me Your opinions on what should I work? This is the tone I got so far. I'm only using vst plugins...
  10. A

    High-Gain Guitar Tone Crafting with Kristian Kohle - anyone has it? Need a feedback

    I recently had a look at demo of Kohle course about layering a guitar tone and am really impressed, especially when he showed how to fix the phase when mixing different mics and distances, and get a better tone. Just wonder if there are another cool tricks like this there, or maybe there isn`t...
  11. Seybsnilksz

    Bogren IR's Rhytm + Lead + Clean Demo and Mix Walkthrough

    Recorded this lil intrumental thing to showcase the IR's from Bogren Digital, and then a little mix rundown with thoughts on how to contruct guitar tones for different parts and roles.
  12. RobertVII

    Looking for feedback on my mix

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some mixing feedback on a tune I'm working on. I'm thinking about making the rhythm guitars a bit darker but I wanted to gather some input from others on what I can do to improve the mix and also give my ears a break from listening. Would love any input...
  13. Guitarjon

    Tube amp / Loadbox / IR hybrid setup

    Hey guys, I thought some of you might find this interesting or handy! It's basically a walkthrough of my setup when I'm working with tube amps. I tend to usually use my amps with my Fractal Audio LB-2 loadbox and OH IR's rather than using real cabs, so this could offer some insight on getting...
  14. Jobam-Martins

    Thy art is murder - Reign of darkness - Mixing/mastering cover practice

    Hey! I started doing some death core covers to practice mixing and mastering. I choose to try this one because I think it has many cool effects in the original mixing. The most difficult part to create was the ambience of the intro, there are many details in there. I used vst plugins for the...
  15. Jobam-Martins

    Arch enemy - We will rise 7-string cover - Mixing/mastering practice

    Hey guys, how are You doing? I hope You're fine! I invited Mylena Mônaco (Sinaya) to do a collab cover. Our song of choice was "We will rise". This was a mixing and mastering practice for me as well. I didn't had much opportunities to practice with gutturals and screams in the past years ...
  16. A

    Any suggestions for metal songs, mastered at commercial quality, with strong mid frequencies?

    So the thing is I`m mastering my songs with references and it`s cool, I seem to get very close to them, but I don`t like it. Too much treble and overall hissing, not enough everything else. It actually made me looking at my favorite tracks from the new perspective and realize they are far from...
  17. rezafelayati

    Need Feedback on My Mix & Master (Monuments - I, The Destroyer cover)

    Since all these lockdown and distancing due to Covid-19, I've been working on my mixing and mastering skill. This is my take on Monument's song "I, The Destroyer", and I'm using: Drums: GGD Matt Halpern pack Bass: Halfmoon ABZ5 Dingwall sample Guitar: Sterling by Musicman JP70D Preamp: Axe-Fx...
  18. Seybsnilksz

    Opeth - Blackwater Park (Cover) live release tomorrow!

    I've made an ambitious cover of the song Blackwater Park by Opeth together with some guys from Finland, and there will be a live premiere tomorrow (Friday April 24th) at 9PM GMT+2. I've aimed to be faithful to the original while having a bit of a more fat and modern sound. Especially guitars...
  19. Sdrizis89

    New Mix/Song for my band The Illusory Self

    Recently released my latest mix and I am very proud of it. I’m fairly new to mixing and have definitely seen big improvements over the last year. Here is the final mix for //FUMES// by my band The Illusory Self. we also have a guitar playthrough on YouTube for this one. I used my Mayones Duvell...
  20. ChugThisBoy

    Buying new studio monitors - please advise.

    Hi folks. I have some hard time deciding which monitors I should buy as my next "update" to the current ones. There's so much to choose from and I wanted to know some opinions before I pull the trigger. Budget is something about $300 for a pair. I know it ain't much but it's definitely enough...